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Contractual Marketing & Advertising Commitments Reduced in 2019

Respondents to TLL’s 2019-2020 Licensing Business Survey overwhelmingly reported fewer, less onerous marketing and advertising in 2019 compared to previous years…

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LoL Survey

Licensing Trends: Tell Me What You Really Think

TLL is wrapping up our Language of Licensing feature, with a closer look at how execs actually go about deal-making including collaboration, social media, and what “hot trends” have to die once and for all…

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Contracts Steady With 2- and 3-year Terms Dominating

According to TLL’s Annual Licensing Business Survey, contract lengths remain steady with two-year terms the most common (40%), followed by three-year (27%) licensing agreements…

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Trap to Avoid: Using Licensee’s Brand to Define “Licensed Articles” in Your Exclusive

Avoid a common drafting error that can cut the legs out from under your exclusivity with our new feature…

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