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DC Plugs Into Girl Power

DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Mattel are teaming for a new girls’ property, DC Super Hero Girls, which will launch this fall across multiple entertainment content platforms and product categories. Designed to appeal to girls 6 to 12, DC Super Hero Girls focuses on DC Comics’ female characters before they discovered their full super power potential…

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Video Games

Sega Expands Sonic Boom

Sega of America unveiled a host of new licensing and promotional deals involving its Sonic Boom game property, including…

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Toy Fair 2015: New Toys Promote Engagement and Smart Play; Big Licensors Dominate the Licensing Action

The static, one-size-fits-all toy of the past won’t do; today’s toys need to be dynamic, adaptable, and suitable for creative play. Accordingly, user engagement, smart play and interactivity were the primary themes of the new products on display at this year’s New York Toy Fair, including licensed toys. There were 3 variations on these themes…

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The 4 Toy Licensing Blockbuster Movies to Watch in 2015

“Frozen” was a licenser’s dream and a big reason that U.S. retail licensed toys sales grew 7% in 2014 ($5.7 billion), according to the NPD Group. But expectations for 2015 are even greater, thanks to a quartet of Hollywood blockbusters that have enormous potential for licensed toys and other merchandise. Here’s a rundown of each film by release date and the toy licensing partners lined up…

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Using Licensed Properties to Make New Licensed Properties

It’s a toy! It’s a movie! No, wait, it’s a toy! … It’s common for entertainment properties to spawn toys and for toys to spawn entertainment properties. Less common is for entertainment properties to inspire toys, which then inspire new entertainment properties, which then, in turn, inspire new toys…

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