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DreamWorks Line Pairs Toons & Designers

DreamWorks Animation has teamed with famous fashion designers for Character Clash, a limited edition apparel line featuring an iconic character from the world of comics and cartoons…

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Geek Fashion

Her Universe on TV

Lionsgate will launch the reality series “Her Universe Fashion Show” as the first original content on its Comic-Con International subscription streaming service next year. The show will follow contestants as they design outfits and plan to model them at Comic-Con next year…

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Film expansions

Peanuts Video Game

Peanuts Worldwide has licensed Activision Publishing for an original video game tied in to The Peanuts Movie slated for theaters this fall…

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Disney Reorg Aims to Shore up Video Games

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Toys & Games

Marvel Avengers’ Mission: To Get Kids Moving

Walt Disney Consumer Products and toy licensee Hasbro will appeal to families interested in both active play and tech toys with Playmation, a system of toys and wearable devices that uses motion sensors and wireless technology to encourage kids to run around while controlling smart action figure toys from wriststrapped gear…

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Throngs Discuss Thrones

Game of Thrones, the highest rated show in HBO history, set the social media universe ablaze with the plot twists in its fifth season finale June 14. Despite the controversial developments, the publicity can only be good news for licensees…

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Toys & Games

Build-A-Bear Lines Up Licensees

Build-A-Bear Workshop’s 400 stores will host a lineup of visiting entertainment/characters licenses well into next year. In residence now, ahead of the July 10 theatrical release of Minions, from Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment, are Kevin, Bob
and Stuart. In August…

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Will Jurrasic World Hatch Licensing Success?

Few things drive sales of licensed toys, apparel, etc., like a blockbuster movie. And at $208.8 million in North America and $524.1 globally, no film has ever grossed more in its opening weekend than Universal’s Jurassic World. Within days of Jurassic World’s June 12 opening, FX networks picked up the TV rights to the dino-sized hit. Of course, all of this is music to the ears of Jurassic World’s licensees…

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Garfield Gets Global Push

Fat cat Garfield will grow a bit more this year with new direct-to-retail deals in Europe and Asia, a new licensing agent in Japan, and stepped up activity in the U.S.…

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Peppa Pig Joins the $1 Billion Club

Preschool property Peppa Pig has become a $1 billion property. There was no official announcement. Officials of Entertainment One Ltd., which has licensed Peppa to more than 600 licensees worldwide…

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