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Experiential Licensing

Who Lives in a Pineapple on Broadway?

The SpongeBob Musical will open at Broadway in Chicago’s Oriental Theatre on June 7, 2016, where it will play for a month in preparation for its run on Broadway (in New York) in the 2016-2017 season. The SpongeBob Musical will be produced by Nickelodeon with songs from…

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TV Programming

Sesame Street Makes Room for HBO

In a move that means more TV exposure, HBO will be the exclusive first-run subscription TV partner for the next five seasons of iconic preschool series Sesame Street and new series from Sesame Workshop. PBS will also continue to air Sesame Street, but in a 30-minute rather than full-hour version, with new episodes available to public TV after an exclusive window on HBO services…

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New Licensing Model

Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ Merchandising Campaign: Bigger & Earlier than Anything Before

The timing between movie release and merchandising is a perennial challenge in movie licensing. Historically, merchandise associated with an anticipated blockbuster appears on store shelves around six weeks before release. But several of the entertainment executives we interviewed last spring for The Licensing Letter’s 2014 Annual Licensing Business Survey predicted…

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Movie Licensing

Disney Opens 15 Week Merchandise Window for Star Wars

When The Licensing Letter spoke to entertainment executives for our Annual Licensing Business Survey back in the spring, several sources predicted that movie-based licensed merchandise this fall would begin to appear in stores earlier than ever, with end-of-year movies loading merchandise into stores as soon as September. The expected leader of that trend: Disney/Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which competitors also predicted would mount the biggest licensing campaign in history…

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Japanese Phenomenon Poised to Enter U.S. Market

Yo-kai Watch will debut as 3DS game, manga; Hasbro toys coming next year…

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Poll Says Dug From ‘Up’ is Entertainment’s Top Dog

Scooby-Doo and Snoopy followed in the Top 3 among kids and adults…

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Disney Rallies Fans for Properties in Licensing Pipeline

Disney used its D23 fan expo to deliver updates on and promotions for most of the films in its licensed products pipeline…

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Mattel Turns to Crowdsourcing for American Girl Rollout

After successfully collaborating on a 70th anniversary YouTube documentary for Thomas the Tank Engine, Mattel has once more turned to crowdsourcing studio Tongal for help with the American Girl launch…

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The Force is Flowing to Disney Theme Parks

Star Wars theme park attractions can provide a long-term flow of revenue from ticket fees and royalties on in-park merchandise sales, as well as continuing exposure, for the property…

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International Retailing

Betty Boop Undies, E-Store

It’s been a busy summer for Betty Boop and her owner King Features. In July, King announced a partnership with Grupo Cortefiel on a Betty Boop clothing and lingerie collection to be sold at the Spanish retailer’s Women’s Secret stores. A few weeks later…

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