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Ninja Life Hacks Partners On Crafts With Fashion Angels

The fast-growing publishing phenomenon Ninja Life Hacks has partnered with Fashion Angels for stationery, crafts, accessories and classroom decor products based on the leading book series. The deal allows Fashion Angels to design products featuring over 60 Ninja Life Hacks characters, including Confident Ninja, Focus Ninja, Positive Ninja and more. After thousands of requests from parents, teachers and educators for Ninja Life Hacks products, the company says the collection will launch on in spring 2022, ahead of National Mental Health Month in May. The collection is designed to cultivate a growth mindset, develop confidence and grit, and improve children’s social emotional intelligence. In addition to the initial e-commerce launch, the targeted distribution for the Ninja Life Hacks line includes both traditional retailers and teacher-favorite outlets like Lakeshore, Really Good… . . . read more

Ninja Life Hacks Expands Through Licensing Partnerships

The popular book series Ninja Life Hacks is expanding its brand into board books, activity books and other products to help young readers develop resilience, confidence, and social-emotional skills. Bestselling independent publishers Grow Grit Press and Insight Editions are collaborating on a publishing program for the best-selling series, in a deal brokered by Ninja Life Hack’s agent The Brand Liaison. Ninja Life Hacks was created by Mary Nhin in 2019. The signature series of paperback books each feature a character who has mastered an essential life skill such as Angry Ninja, Positive Ninja, Focus Ninja and Anxious Ninja.  The series has grown to a catalog of more than 60 paperback books, over 10,000 5-star reviews and sales of more than 1 million copies which to date has only been available… . . . read more

Berenstain Bears Licensed For SolidRoots Games

The toy and game designer Solid Roots is previewing a new line of Berenstain Bears games in October, following a licensing agreement with Random House Children’s Books. The full launch of the line is expected to come out in spring of 2022. Random House and the Berenstain Bears franchise recently selected SolidRoots as its licensee to produce games “that appeal to a child’s sense of humor,” and that reflect the family-friendly theme established in the franchise, which started publishing in 1962. “Having grown up with the Berenstain Bears, I feel incredibly honored to partner with them, and create games for a new generation,” said SolidRoots Co-Founder/Creator Jen Armstrong. “Our goal as a company is to reimagine what family-friendly games can be, so getting to work with the Berenstain family, who have… . . . read more

Dr. Seuss To Unveil Licensing Extravaganza

Dr. Seuss Enterprises says it will be unveiling a massive slate of licensing products and programs at the upcoming Licensing Expo in August. The company says it continues to focus on its core values of promoting literacy, education, self-confidence, and the wonderful possibilities of a child’s imagination through the works of Dr. Seuss. “The creative, whimsical world of Dr. Seuss and its characters have inspired generations of readers and continues to be a true pop culture and entertainment phenomenon, with major successes both on the page and on the screen,” the company said in a statement. Dr. Seuss Enterprises, which owns and represents the brand and licensing for the popular line of children’s books, has built up a formidable reputation in the industry by inking hundreds of licensing deals in every category,… . . . read more

Winnie The Pooh Shares Birthday With Queen Elizabeth

Winnie the Pooh has a surprising number of things in common with Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II. They both love spending time in the woods; they both like honey; and they’re both celebrating their 95th birthdays. To mark the occasion, Disney has released a special animation entitled Winnie the Pooh and the Royal Adventure featuring Pooh and his friends. It’s a short and honey-sweet 45-second animation that pays tribute to the Queen, as well as the upcoming 95th anniversary in October of the first publication of Winnie the Pooh stories in the Hundred Acre Wood. The beautiful animated tale sees Winnie the Pooh delivering a special gift to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, alongside trusted friends Christopher Robin, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore. The group, led by the lovable bear, embark… . . . read more

Who’s News: Gamarra Tagged To Adapt Literature to Film

ViacomCBS has created a new role in the company, hiring literary agent Eddie Gamarra as VP of literary affairs for Nickelodeon and Awesomeness. The idea is to improve the company’s ability to mine the world’s rich vein of literary content for ideas that translate well into TV shows and movies. In this new-to-the-company position, Gamarra will be responsible for sourcing and assessing books at every publishing stage in order to decide what to option and develop. So, if you’re a publisher wanting to option books for film or TV production, you’d do well to update your Rolodex right about now. Gamarra comes to the role with a perfect blend of experience in both publishing and film/TV production. He previously worked as Nickelodeon’s VP of studio business development, overseeing animated and live-action features for TV, theatrical and… . . . read more

Moxie Named Exclusive Licensing Agency For Albert Whitman Media

The global brand management and licensing agency Moxie & Company has been selected to serve as the exclusive licensing representative on behalf of Albert Whitman Media, including the company’s century-old brand The Boxcar Children.  The partnership with Moxie was announced this week by company partner Arlene Scanlan, who says Moxie & Company will introduce licensees to the vast and much-revered library of Albert Whitman & Company published works, including the 102-year-old company’s globally-recognized book series The Boxcar Children. “Recognized as a specialist in the licensing of story-driven properties on behalf of major publishing companies and individual authors, Moxie & Company was our top choice in representing the licensing of our literary brands to the consumer products community,” said Attila Gazdag, President of Albert Whitman Media. Albert Whitman & Company (AW)… . . . read more

JLKBrand Signs Up For Years Of Misery With Lemony Snicket

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief There’s never been a series of children’s books like Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events, in which people are either stupid or horrible—or possibly both stupid and horrible—the worst always happens, and happy endings are for saps. But despite all of those warnings, JLKBrand has agreed to represent the Lemony Snicket brand in its first ever licensing program. You can’t say they weren’t warned. If you’ve never read the series by the mysterious and possibly fictitious author Lemony Snicket, they are an unlucky 13 books written for a middle-school aged audience, featuring three likable but particularly unfortunate orphans: Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire. The appeal of the books may be that no matter how bad things get the Baudelaire children soldier on,… . . . read more

Seuss Launches Graduation-Themed Licensing Program

Dr. Seuss Enterprises is celebrating graduation season with an expansive line up of Oh, The Places You’ll Go! footwear, apparel, plush, giftware, publishing, décor and more from a wide range of partners including Skechers, Build-A-Bear, MantraBand, Random House Children’s Books, and Oriental Trading Company, among others. As part of the festivities, Dr. Seuss Enterprises will also be partnering with one of the premier photography companies globally, Fujifilm, on a graduation-themed social media giveaway running through June. Susan Brandt, President of Dr. Seuss Enterprises, said, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go! has become iconic for the inspiration that new graduates, or really anyone going through a life transition, can draw from the book. “Working with best-in-class partners as well as through our promotion with Fujifilm, we are very much looking forward to… . . . read more

Licensing Deals: Simon’s Cat Expands Global Pawprint

Licensing agent appointed in Japan and new product ranges across Europe, Australia, North America and Asia Banijay Brands announced this week a litter of new licensing deals for its digital content sensation, Simon’s Cat, and says Japanese agency ZenWorks has been appointed to represent the brand’s interests in that cat-crazy country, home of the cat cafe. The licensing program for Simon’s Cat is continuing to expand with new licensees appointed for fashion, crafting, phone accessories, puzzles and accessories, said Banijay, in announcing deals with Fashion UK, Wulydermy, Ecell, Pinfinity, and Dr. Woof. “Simon’s Cat is such a lovable brand that resonates with fans all around the world,” said Jane Smith, Group Director, Brand Licensing at Banijay. “The extensive licensing programme, that continues to expand, is testament to its enduring popularity.”… . . . read more