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ARTiSTORY Wins Global Licensing Rights for Centre Pompidou

ARTiSTORY continues to expand its portfolio of cultural partners, signing global licensing rights for Centre Pompidou, with initial expansion in China.  “Centre Pompidou is a cultural landmark of France and one of the top ten… . . . read more

Artist Matthew Langille Appoints IMG For Licensing in Asia

IMG today announced it has been appointed as New York-based artist Matthew Langille’s exclusive licensing representative in Asia. “I’ve been working in the space where fashion and art meet for the past eighteen years on… . . . read more

IMG Signs Agency Agreement With Gaming Giant Ubisoft

IMG continued its hot streak in July, announcing it has been named the exclusive licensing agency for Ubisoft franchises Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six Siege in Europe and Asia. Just last week, TLL reported IMG… . . . read more

Cultural Licensing: British Library Extending Licensing Program to China

China will now have access to The British Library’s unmatched collection of documents, thanks to a deal brokered by the cultural licensing agency ARTiSTORY. The agency recently signed a multi-year agreement with The British Library to… . . . read more

Yu-Gi-Oh Creator Kazuki Takahashi Dies in Swimming Accident

Japanese artist Kazuki Takahashi, who spawned a global franchise with the comic Yu-Gi-Oh, has died in what appears to be a swimming accident. Takahashi, whose real first name was Kazuo, was discovered floating in the… . . . read more

Peanuts Appoints Wildbrain For CP Licensing in Asia-Pacific

WildBrain CPLG is celebrating their appointment as the agency for Peanuts Worldwide in Asia, as the brand hits $2.5 billion in CP sales. “As an owner of the brand and the producer of all-new Peanuts… . . . read more

Who’s News: Anish Mehta Leaves Cosmos-Maya to Launch New Venture

Anish Mehta, who built Cosmos-Maya into an animation juggernaut, is leaving the company to launch a new business venture. Following a 10-year stint building Cosmos-Maya—India’s most successful animation studio—from a 30-member team to a 1200+… . . . read more

Licensing Logistics: Shenzhen on COVID Alert Following Outbreak

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief The COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten the licensing and consumer product industries, due to recent flareups in China. Recent reports from the Chinese government indicate the outbreak is… . . . read more

CAA Adds Some Vroom to McLaren’s Global Licensing Program

By Allison Watkinson TLL Reporter CAA Brand Management has been appointed by luxury car manufacturer, McLaren Automotive, to support its global consumer product licensing and brand extension program. Under the terms of the multi-year agreement,… . . . read more


Loyalty Partner for Miraculous across EMEA

By Allison Watkinson TLL Reporter Independent animation studio ZAG has signed an agreement with TCC Global as the exclusive loyalty partner for Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir in the EMEA region. “TCC Global… . . . read more