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Licensing Industry Loves COVID-19 Masks

US President Donald Trump may not be a fan of masks … but the licensing industry loves them! Reusable COVID-19 masks literally became the world’s fastest growing industry this year, going from almost zero in North America to a multi-billion dollar industry in just months. As it became clear the coronavirus was spreading rapidly in the US and Canada this spring, enterprising licensors and licensees acted fast to create a wide range of new consumer products, designed to put a personal touch on personal protection. Trevco’s was one early entrant in the sector, launching masks with a collection of licenses from major entertainment and toy brands. The company took the unusual approach of launching a monthly subscription service, featuring thousands of mask designs featuring Betty Boop, Sesame Street, Hello… . . . read more

Sport and Movie Licensing on Life Support in the Year of COVID-19

If 2020 had been a normal year, with no pandemic, the world would be filled with people sporting T-shirts, hats, and other merchandise from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, injecting billions in revenue into licensing companies, retailers and manufacturers worldwide. But as millions of people became infected in early 2020 and borders were closed to international travel, the Tokyo Olympics were cancelled. That cancellation is just one example of how the novel coronavirus has literally sickened a previously booming sector. “We were seeing a lot of brands really excited for (the Tokyo Olympics) this year because the economy was doing well,” said Alex Onaindia, CEO of the Distinction Agency in Miami. “It seemed like the perfect time versus Rio four years ago.” But all that, and much more, changed as COVID-19… . . . read more


Licensing Executives Expect Covid-19 to Reduce Licensed Retail Sales by -43%

When asked about how direct the impact of Covid-19 is on their business, 98% of respondents to The Licensing Letter’s 2019–2020 Salary Survey indicated that there was at least some indirect impact, with 60% reporting that there was a direct impact…

. . . read more


Licensing Execs Pessimistic About After-Effects of Covid-19; 75% Say Business Will Drop by 25%

In this year’s edition of TLL’s Annual Licensing Business Survey, we introduced new questions specifically targeting the impact of Covid-19 on respondents’ licensing business…

. . . read more