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The Grinch Stars In New Version of Clue Board Game

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief The game Clue is getting a devilish twist, as players can now set their detective skills on stopping The Grinch from stealing Christmas. Clue: The Grinch is a… . . . read more

Trade Shows: Dr. Seuss Unveils Available Licenses for Brand Licensing Europe

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief Licensees will find Brand Licensing Europe a good opportunity to approach Dr. Seuss for new licenses, as the brand plans a major CP expansion. Dr. Seuss Enterprises is… . . . read more

Interview: Shannon Spisak On How Dr. Seuss Maintains Its Powerful Brand

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief Dr. Seuss is one of those properties that everyone knows instantly. We all read the ridiculously funny rhymes of Cat in the Hat or Green Eggs and Ham,… . . . read more

Dr. Seuss Expands Its Marketing and Licensing Teams

The children’s entertainment company Dr. Seuss Enterprises has promoted Shannon Spisak to Vice President of Marketing and Communications. As well, Dr. Seuss is further expanding their management team with the new appointments of Vienna Downes,… . . . read more

Literary Licensing: Netflix To Air Five New Series Based on Dr. Seuss

Netflix is following the success of its 2019 Green Eggs and Ham series by launching five new Dr. Seuss series and specials. Dr. Seuss Enterprises and Netflix announced they will work together to bring the… . . . read more

Literary Licensing: Dr. Seuss Expands Licensing Portfolio to Canada

In the Dr. Seuss book Oh, The Places You’ll Go, you can now add Canada to the list. Dr. Seuss Enterprises is expanding its licensing program to Canada, with new products rolling out through Christmas… . . . read more

Seuss Launches Graduation-Themed Licensing Program

Dr. Seuss Enterprises is celebrating graduation season with an expansive line up of Oh, The Places You’ll Go! footwear, apparel, plush, giftware, publishing, décor and more from a wide range of partners including Skechers, Build-A-Bear,… . . . read more

Big Week For Dr. Seuss: Three New Deals And An Anniversary

You just can’t keep Dr. Seuss out of the news lately. After getting political conservatives into a fluster last month after cancelling certain Dr. Seuss books for images now considered racially offensive, the children’s book… . . . read more

‘You’re A Mean One, 2020’, Says the Grinch, in Merch Kickoff for Grinchmas

2020 has definitely been the year that stink, stank, stunk, and has left many would-be holiday revelers in a Grinch-y mood, so it’s the ideal year to have a Grinch-themed Christmas. That’s the thinking behind… . . . read more


M&A & Partnerships

This week in mergers, aquisitions, and partnerships:

Crunchyroll is now the majority investor in VIZ Media Europe Group, consolidating its hold over the European anime market, and Dr. Seuss Enterprises launches a new 5-year touring show with Kilburn…

. . . read more