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To Sell Shark Tank Goods, Cuban Makes Bet on

Celebrity entrepreneur Mark Cuban is making a new investment in e-commerce, the fastest growing retail channel for…

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E-commerce Sales Top $11 Billion in 2015; Led by Trademarks and Entertainment

Over $11 billion in licensed merchandise was sold through e-commerce retail channels in the U.S. and Canada in 2015, according to The Licensing Letter’s Annual Licensing Business Survey

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Topps Hits a Hot Market Home Run

Record sales for on-demand card commemorating a cult hero’s unlikely homer is the “perfect storm” to cash in on a hot market…

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Which Brands Are Best At Engaging Their Customers?

Disney tops the list; Walmart and Dollar General bottom it…

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Emily Weiss Gives Beauty a Millennial Makeover

Blogger turned businesswoman Emily Weiss is building a digital beauty brand for the 21st century. Here are four ways the face of beauty brand building in the 21st century is changing…

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Growing Ecommerce Sales Make This an Average Black Friday

Retail sales for Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day saw a channel shift expected to stay strong throughout the holiday season. Ecommerce sales were up, accounting for roughly a quarter of sales over the two-day period. And needless to say…

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Philadelphia Flooded with Pope Products

With less than three weeks until Pope Francis arrives on his first apostolic journey to the U.S., Philadelphia is reportedly becoming awash in papal products, both licensed and unlicensed. Pope Francis is traveling to the U.S. for The World Meeting of Families–Philadelphia 2015, which appointed…

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Pop Quiz: Sales Tax on Online Sales

Situation: Lucy Tania and her brother Maury live in Arizona. Lucy buys a Captain America t-shirt at the local mall; Maury buys exactly the same shirt for the same price from an online retail site operated by a New York company that doesn’t have a physical location in Arizona…

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