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Royal Mail Issues New Stamps That Are More Than Meets The Eye

Britain’s Royal Mail is launching 13 stamps to celebrate the British contribution to the Transformers franchise from Hasbro. The Royal Mail says the main set of eight stamp designs are produced in pairs and feature… . . . read more

Collectibles Licensing; Hasbro Laces Up For NBA Partnership on Starting Lineup

The sports collectible brand Starting Lineup is back, thanks to a new partnership between Hasbro, the NBA, and the National Basketball Players Association. Launching this fall in partnership with Fanatics, the Starting Lineup brand will… . . . read more

Character Licensing: Peppa Pig Making Waves for Environment and Light Fund

Maybe pigs can’t fly, but they can certainly swim! Hasbro’s immensely popular Peppa Pig has been taking to the waves of late, working to help the environment and the Light Fund charity. First off,  Peppa… . . . read more

Toy Branding: Meet Murph, Hasbro’s New NERF Mascot

By Allison Watkinson TLL Reporter Hasbro has revealed the NERF brand’s first official mascot, a playful and sporty character made entirely from NERF darts named Murph. Murph will be the central focus of a new… . . . read more

Toy Licensing: LEGO and Hasbro Partner on Giant, Transforming Optimus Prime

Leading global toy companies, the LEGO Group and Hasbro, Inc. have united for the first time to bring the Transformers Autobot, Optimus Prime, to life in LEGO form. The licensed LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime set… . . . read more

Sports Licensing: Starting Lineup is Back in Hasbro x Fanatics Collaboration

Toy and entertainment giant Hasbro is partnering with Fanatics to bring back the Starting Lineup sports collectibles brand. Set to launch this fall, the new product line will continue its legacy of bringing fans and… . . . read more

Licensing Expo Putting on Big Show With Immersive Entertainment Offerings

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief Licensing Expo is leaning into its experiential licensing theme this year, offering multiple immersive entertainment offerings. The Licensing Expo, produced in partnership with industry trade association Licensing International, returns… . . . read more

Film Licensing: Hasbro Wins Extended Toymaker License With LucasFilms

Hasbro Inc. has secured one of the Holy Grails of the licensing industry with an extended agreement as Master Toymaker for LucasFilms. The deal covers Hasbro’s existing relationship with Star Wars but also adds the… . . . read more

Who’s News: Hasbro Names New Senior Director of CP in the UK

By Allison Watkinson TLL Reporter Hasbro kicked off Toy Fair 2022 by announcing the promotion of Sally Carnota to Senior Director of UK Licensed Consumer Products. Carnota will be based out of the Warren Street… . . . read more

Breaking News: Hasbro Taps ‘Head Wizard’ Chris Cocks as New CEO

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief Global play and entertainment giant Hasbro has named Chris Cocks, the President and COO of its Wizards of the Coast division, as the new CEO for the parent… . . . read more