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#1 TikTok Star Charli D’Amelio and Family Get Hulu Series

Charli D’Amelio must have one of the fastest arcs to stardom of all time, rocketing to 100 million followers as the top TikTok user, and now getting a series on Hulu with her sister Dixie… . . . read more

Holly Hobbie Series Lands on Disney Channel in Latin America

Nov. 5, 2020 Latin American sales specialist Spiral International has secured a pan-regional deal with Disney Channel Latin America for the live action series, Holly Hobbie. The new music-driven series is produced by Aircraft Pictures… . . . read more

Digital Content

Streaming & New Media Updates

The latest in streaming and digital content updates from NBCUniversal, Endeavor, Disney, Hulu, Netflix, CBS, Meredith, and more…

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TV Talk: Series With Licensing Potential

Track the latest TV series with licensing potential airing on linear TV, streaming, or both as they develop through the production pipeline…

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Emerging Content

See the newest brands with licensing potential and other developments.

Featuring: Hasbro, Blizzard, Hulu, Amazon, and more…

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Who’s News — 11/6/2017

The latest hires, promotions, and departures.

Featuring: Paramount Pictures, Posh Paws, Song Pictures, JCPenney, Tomy, and more…

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Content Licensing

New Media: Streaming, TV & Movies

While streaming isn’t the biggest source for licensed properties, it’s the fastest-growing. Here’s what you need to know to plan ahead. Plus, we’ve updated the movie list!…

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Who’s News

Follow the latest hires, promotions, and departures.

Featuring: the BBC, Tiffany & Co., Scott Brothers Global, Condé Nast, Hulu, and more…

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Keep track of the latest business moves to impact the licensing industry.

Featuring: eOne, Spin Master, Walmart, Emerald Expositions, Boat Rocker Media and more…

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Pokémon GOes Viral in its 20th Anniversary Celebrations

Free-to-play augmented-reality game Pokémon Go has caused quite a stir—with everyone from retailers to networks eager to get a piece of the pie of the most viral mobile app of all time. TLL estimates that Pokémon sold approximately…

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