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Licensing Mergers: IMG Acquires Auction and Live Events Company

By Allison Watkinson TLL Reporter The licensing and brand giant IMG has acquired a majority stake in the collector car auction and live events company Barrett-Jackson. Barrett-Jackson’s events and high-energy auctions are known to attract… . . . read more

Artist Matthew Langille Appoints IMG For Licensing in Asia

IMG today announced it has been appointed as New York-based artist Matthew Langille’s exclusive licensing representative in Asia. “I’ve been working in the space where fashion and art meet for the past eighteen years on… . . . read more

IMG Signs Agency Agreement With Gaming Giant Ubisoft

IMG continued its hot streak in July, announcing it has been named the exclusive licensing agency for Ubisoft franchises Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six Siege in Europe and Asia. Just last week, TLL reported IMG… . . . read more

Experiential Licensing: Angry Birds Staging First-Ever Live Show

Allison Watkinson TLL Editor in Chief Angry Birds is tapping into the explosive growth of Location-Based Entertainment, announcing its first-ever live show. The new show will be produced in partnership between Kilburn Live, a global market… . . . read more

Sports Licensing: Legends Appointed Retail Partner For Rugby World Cup

World Rugby and its licensing partner IMG hope to repeat the consumer product success of the pre-COVID Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan. For that reason, World Rugby has inked a deal with the same… . . . read more

Social Media: Tik Tok Star Addison Rae Announces First Toy Line

Addison Rae, the fourth most popular social media star on Tok Tok, has announced her first toy line, in partnership with Bonkers Toys. “I have dreamt of having my own doll line since I was… . . . read more


Ariella Maizner Partners With IMG To Develop Theme Brand

By Allison Watkinson TLL Reporter Fashion designer Ariella Maizner has partnered with IMG to expand her popular THEME brand into new products and categories. IMG will accomplish this brand expansion through selective licensing partnerships and… . . . read more


San Diego Comic Convention Appoints IMG as its First-Ever Licensing Agency

By Allison Watkinson TLL Reporter The San Diego Comic Convention, organizer of the annual Comic-Con event, has appointed global licensing agent, IMG as its first-ever exclusive licensing representative. With a presence in over 30 countries,… . . . read more

Skydance Animation Appoints IMG As Global Licensing Agency

Skydance Animation has appointed IMG as its global licensing representative for all animated releases, including its first two features, Luck directed by Peggy Holmes (Secret of the Wings, The Pirate Fairy) and Spellbound, directed by… . . . read more

Uninterrupted Partners With Jackie Robinson Foundation For Product Drop

The company founded by NBA star LeBron James and his best buddy Maverick ‘Mav’ Carter is now partnering with The Jackie Robinson Foundation (JRF) “with an impactful product drop this month in honor of Jackie… . . . read more