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Commentary: Why You Should Target Games For Your Intellectual Property

Commentary: Why You Should Target Games For Your IP at Licensing Expo 2022 Featured Content From Layer Licensing Licensing Expo is a fantastic event to find new licensing opportunities for your IP. Licensing professionals from… . . . read more

Licensing Expo Attracts Record Crowd of Retailers

This year’s Licensing Expo saw a sharp rise in attendees from the world’s retailers, according to Licensing International. The association says last week’s event drew thousands of attendees from the world’s most reputable retailers and… . . . read more

The Full Wrapup of the 2022 Licensing Excellence Awards

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief The winners of the 2022 Licensing International Excellence Awards were announced at Licensing Expo in Las Vegas last week. The awards honor innovation in the way brands use… . . . read more

The Latest Deals, Developments and Dancing From Licensing Expo

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief And we’re back. Licensing Expo returned in style on May 24, with thousands of licensing professionals flooding the show floor at the Mandalay Bay Convention Centre. Attendees were… . . . read more

Licensing Expo Keynote To Focus On Experiential Entertainment

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief After two years of isolation during the pandemic, it’s hard to say if Licensing Expo’s theme on experiential licensing is ironic, or a sign of rising hope. After… . . . read more

Trade Shows: Products of Change Brings Sustainable Message to Licensing Expo

The environmental advocacy group Products of Change is continuing as a partner for the Licensing Expo in May. The Global Licensing Group, organizers of Licensing Expo, announced the continuation of its strategic partnership with Products… . . . read more

Trade Shows: More Than 170 Exhibitors Already Signed On For Licensing Expo

By Allison Watkinson TLL Reporter The Licensing Expo is gearing up to host the consumer product industry’s largest in-person get- together in three years. A growing roster of brands are signing on daily to exhibit… . . . read more

Licensing Expo Returns To Vegas For In-Person Conference

It’s been a long time since people in the licensing industry have been able to meet in person at a conference or trade show, but that changes in May next year. Licensing Expo  today announced… . . . read more