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Disney/Pixar Release Nascar Products for #CarsWeek

Disney and Pixar’s Cars Week is back, leading up to this year’s Daytona 500 on Feb. 14, with all new products and activations inspired by popular real-life NASCAR drivers and iconic Disney and Pixar’s Cars… . . . read more


Who’s News—7/9/2018

The latest hires, promotions, and departures.

Featuring: B&N, Coty, NBCUniversal, BB&B, Tervis, Disney, Cartamundi, Valiant, Neiman Marcus, and more…

. . . read more


Disney Dresses Up with Fashion

Deals with retailers Forever 21 and Cath illustrate Disney’s renewed emphasis on fashion products for its classic and contemporary brands. Disney’s 2016 deals run the gamut from low to high fashion and from apparel to cosmetics…

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