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Annual Survey

Average Industry-Wide Royalty Rate Up 0.7 Percentage Points to Reach 8.87% in 2019

The average royalty rate for consumer products licensing contracts jumped 0.7 percentage points to reach 8.87% in 2019, according to TLL’s 2019–2020 Licensing Business Survey. Since 2010, the industry-wide average royalty rate within the U.S. and Canada has grown by a mere 0.3 percentage points to reach 8.87% in 2019. Over that same time period, the 10-year average rate reached 8.73%. This last year marks the highest overall average royalty rate since 2004, when TLL recorded a rate of 9.4%. TLL first began tracking royalty rate data since 1986, and by property type and product category since 2001. The average change in royalty rates was flat within the U.S. and Canada, with the average rate increasing slightly by less than 0.1 percentage points. Only 6% of respondents to the Survey… . . . read more


Average Royalty Rates, Guarantees & Advances in the U.S. & Canada Climb Thanks to Entertainment

Royalties on licensed goods in the U.S. and Canada in 2015 started a second decade of long-term stability, once again showing little or no movement. The average royalty in 2015 was…

. . . read more