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Who’s News—September 2018

The latest hires, promotions, and departures.

Featuring: Pam Lifford promoted at Warner Bros., Cloudco opens in the U.K. with hires in LA, Mattel & DSW build their boards, and more…

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The Biz of Media, Ecommerce & Fashion

This week’s must-read roundup includes Rockport Group, Ripley’s & Nitro Circus, Amazon, Snapchat, Legendary Entertainment…

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Experiential & Social Activations

Theme parks, exhibitions, sporting events, and online initatives galore.

Featuring: Hasbro, NBA, Saban, Warner Bros., Tough Mudder, eOne, and more…

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M&A & New Media

Hasbro releases details about its subscription box, Disney launches its annual fan convention, various (potential) takeover bids, and new media partnerships with Snapchat and…

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Entertainment in Experiential & Social

Follow the latest in social media trends and experiental licensing, and what that means for entertainment/character brands.

Featuring: Sanrio, Disney, LEGO, Cartoon Network, and more…

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Social Media

Social Roundups

YouTube is ranked No. 1 for kids, Snapchat goes public, toy brands get content, and others get social for the Superbowl…

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