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Language of Licensing

Speaking of Merchandise: Is it Mer-tch or Mur-kuh?

Two years ago, we launched TLL’s first survey on the language of licensing. Now the second iteration of the Language of Licensing (LoL) Survey is upon us, and a question we did not ask two years ago posed: How do you pronounce “merch”?…

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Licensed Sales Up 2.7% Worldwide; U.S./Canada Leads in Growth

With over $167.5 billion in licensed retail sales, 2016 was by 2.7% better than 2015 worldwide, according to The Licensing Letter’s Annual Licensing Business Survey. But while most of the world stablized, growth remained uneven and some previously bright economies have lost their luster…

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The Language of Licensing

The language of licensing is slowly shifting to reflect new practices and perceptions. To this end, TLL surveyed our readers to gauge the extent of these changes—and while the implications for the business are not necessarily immediate or obvious, they run deep and true…

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