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UNO Celebrates A Half Century of Fun and Games

UNO Launches Yearlong Lineup of Products, Partnerships and Celebratory Events to Commemorate 50th Anniversary Mattel is launching a full year of new products, partnerships and events to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Uno. Uno was originally developed in 1971 by Merle Robbins of Reading, Ohio, who played it with family and friends. As it became more popular in the Cincinnati suburbs, Robbins invested $8,000 to have 5,000 copies the game produced, which he originally sold at his barbershop. Later some local businesses began to sell it as well, and then Robins sold the rights to a group of friends headed by a local funeral director for $50,000 plus a 10 cent royalty payment per pack of cards. The funeral director, Robert Tezak, formed International Games to market Uno from the… . . . read more

Mattel Reportedly Plans Game Show Based on ‘Uno’ Card Game

By Gary Symons, TLL Editor in Chief If you’re going to launch a game show, what better way than to base it on an already popular game? That appears to be the thinking behind reports that toy and game giant Mattel is working Ben Silverman and Howard T. Owens of Propagate to release a new show called The Uno Game Show. According to a story in The Hollywood Reporter, the show will see the classic card game turned into a competition, with four teams facing off each episode to become an Uno champion. If that sounds a bit dry for TV, the onscreen version of Uno will feature what Mattel is calling a “super-sized Uno experience” that includes trivia questions, audience participation, and physical challenges. Mind you, that was pretty… . . . read more