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Experiential Watch: Stage Shows, Events & Attractions

This week’s must read experiential deals features Aardman, Discovery, Hasbro, Sequential Brands, Warner Bros., Zag Heroez, and more…

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Who’s News — 11/27/2017

The latest hires, promotions, and departures.

Featuring: Zag, Mattel, Scholastic, NBCUniversal, DHX, Warner Bros., and more…

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Mattel, Hasbro see Q3 Retail Sales Split Along Gender Lines

Reported third quarter (3Q) sales from toy giants Hasbro and Mattel exhibited an interesting break along gender lines, with boys’ toys outperforming girls’, amidst depressed…

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Zag Zigs with Saban

Zag Animation Studios is formed by Saban’s Haim Saban, Zag Entertainment founder Jeremy Zag, director Chris Columbus and 1492 Pictures producing partner Michael Barnathan. Saban Brands will handle licensing and merchandising, with 10 family films in development…

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