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Deal Sheet — 9/17/2020

Contact the editor at or click here to submit an announcement for consideration. The weekly TLL Deal Sheet features the latest licensing deals, brands, and up-to-date contact information for the players involved. Contact info for all executive licensing deal makers is available from the Licensing Sourcebook Online by clicking on any company name. There are 5 new Sourcebook listings this week: 3 licensors, 2 licensees, and 0 agents. This week TLL reports 11 deals with 6 properties assigned/available and 5 licenses granted worldwide. Quick Navigate Properties Available or Recently Assigned, U.S. Licenses Recently Granted, U.S. Intl. Properties Available or Recently Assigned Intl. Licenses Recently Granted Archived Deal Sheets Properties Available or Recently Assigned, U.S. *Extension or renewal. Property (Description) Categories Available Licensing Contact   Licenses Recently Granted, U.S. *Extension… . . . read more

Distribution Channels

Discounters, Specialty Channels Drive Licensed Entertainment/Character Sales in 2019

Brick-and-mortar channels fielded 81.2% of all licensed entertainment- and character-based sales in 2019, according to TLL’s Annual Licensing Business Survey. Physical retail’s share of U.S. and Canadian sales has decreased…

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Licensed Back-to-School Sales Expected to Rise 2.0% in 2020

Licensed back-to-school sales are expected to climb to $9.6 billion in the U.S. and Canada, according to The Licensing Letter’s estimates. With licensed retail sales up 2.0%, or $188 million, the back-to-school season is expected to help bolster recovery…

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Global Licensed Sales Clear $180 Billion in 2019; U.S. Drives $3 Billion in Growth Alone

Licensed retail sales worldwide climbed 3.3% to reach $180.7 billion in 2019, according to TLL’s Annual Licensing Business Survey. This is the fastest…

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Face Masks, Other Protective Wearables Set to Boost Licensed Accessories Sales by Over $500 Million in 2020

The Licensing Letter estimates that cloth face masks, neck gaiters, scarves, bandanas, and other “protective wearables” will boost retail sales of licensed accessories by anywhere between $500 million and $750 million in 2020 within the U.S.…

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TLL Survey

Breaking Down the Numbers Behind TLL’s 2019–2020 Annual Survey

Every year we strive to bring you the most representative figures behind the licensing business. Here are the number’s behind this year’s Survey: Breaking out the respondents by function…

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Average Royalty Income Up 5.0% Worldwide in 2019

On average, licensing executives reported a 5.0% increase in royalty income in 2019. Seventy-three percent of respondents to TLL’s 2019–2020 Licensing Business Survey reported that royalty income was up from the previous year…

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Licensing Execs Pessimistic About After-Effects of Covid-19; 75% Say Business Will Drop by 25%

In this year’s edition of TLL’s Annual Licensing Business Survey, we introduced new questions specifically targeting the impact of Covid-19 on respondents’ licensing business…

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Top Licensed Retail Sales Figures to Have On-hand in the New Year

While TLL is crunching the official stats for 2019 over the next month, here are some figures and trends we’re tracking for next year…

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Licensed Sales

A Decade in Review: Hindsight is 20/20

In terms of licensed retail sales, the story of the last decade is one of recovery from the impact of the Great Recession of 2007–2009, which directly resulted in a -11.5% decline in licensed retail sales in 2009 in the U.S. and Canada…

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