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Collegiate Sports Management Inks Sports Licensing Deal With BrandR

By Allison Watkinson TLL Reporter Collegiate Sports Management Group (CSMG) and The BrandR Group (TBG) have announced a multi-year brand partnership in the NIL and group licensing spaces. The agreement will focus on combining personnel… . . . read more

Collegiate Licensing: USC Goes Global With Wildbrain Licensing Partnership

As one of the world’s leading universities, USC plans to take its brand global with the help of the Wildbrain CPLG agency. One of the world’s leading entertainment, sport and brand licensing agencies, Wildbrain CPLG… . . . read more

Wildbrain Signs Deals For Big Brains at Yale and Harvard

WildBrain CPLG has signed a virtual tsunami of licensing deals globally for Yale and Harvard universities. For Yale University, which WildBrain CPLG represents in EMEA, Russia, Australia and North America, a deal has been signed… . . . read more

Panini and OneTeam To Include NCAA Athletes On Trading Cards

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief Recent rule changes at the NCAA are sparking a boom in licensing opportunities, among them a new deal that will allow Panini America to issue trading cards featuring… . . . read more

NCAA Will Allow Athletes To Earn Money On Name, Image and Likeness

For the first time, the NCAA will allow athletes to earn money from their involvement in collegiate sports. The NCAA has reversed its stance on athlete compensation, opening the door to athletes—and licensing companies—making money… . . . read more

Fanatics & Lids Reach Long-Term Deal With BNED

The sports merchandise company Fanatics has added to its long list of critical deals in 2020 with a long-term merchandising partnership with Barnes & Noble Education Inc. (BNED), the campus store division of the Barnes… . . . read more

Logo Brands Hits a Homer With MLB Agreement

Logo Brands, Inc. has entered into a new licensing agreement with Major League Baseball, granting the company rights to manufacture, produce and distribute MLB-branded throws, pillows and coozies to all retail channels. Logo Brands will… . . . read more

Retail Sales of Licensed Merchandise, Based on Colleges and Universities


Top Licensed Retail Sales Figures to Have On-hand in the New Year

While TLL is crunching the official stats for 2019 over the next month, here are some figures and trends we’re tracking for next year…

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NCAA Tournament Scores $20–35 Million in Licensed Retail Sales

TLL estimates that retail sales of collegiate properties tied to the NCAA Tournament generate $20–35 million a year; close-up on Villanova, Loyola-Davis, and University of Kansas…

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