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Roundup: Experiential Initiatives

The top experiential licensing initiatives—from theme parks to live shows to jerseys—announced this week.

Featuring: eOne, LEGO, Universal, Netflix, NBA, and more…

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Preschool Properties With Some Licensing Activity

TLL’s feature of selected preschool properties with active merchandising programs worldwide, complete with retail sales ranges…

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Toys & Games

Retailer’s Top Toys of the 2017 Holiday Season

The top toy lists from Toys ‘R’ Us, Target, Amazon, Walmart, and Kohl’s are out—and over one-third of toys are licensed offerings…

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Roundup: Digital Content, Apps & Social

Disney expands its digital content and steaming plans; new developments with Facebook and YouTube; NFLPA, AMC, and Anna Sui; and more…

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The Appeal Behind the Top $100+ Million Brands

The top $100 million entertainment/character brands aren’t equal when it comes to consumer engagement, awareness, and appeal…

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M&A & Legal

The latest business and legal news to impact the licensing industry.

Featuring: Mattel, Illumination America, Spin Master, Alibaba, Hasbro, DC Comics, and more…

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M&A & Theme Parks

The latest business moves and theme park announcements to impact the licensing industry.

Featuring: VF Corp., Crown Crafts, Factory Rights, Lionsgate, and more…

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Toys & Games

Toy Roundup: Top News & Trends

All the news that’s fit to print from the $8.06 billion licensed toys and games sector.

Featuring: Funko, LEGO, Spin Master, Moose Toys, and more…

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56% of Upcoming Films are Reboots, Sequels

With 159 upcoming films with licensing potential through 2025, most films on the list are sequels. The top sources? Books and comics, with games and TV series…

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Roundup: Promotional Partnerships

See the latest in promotional partnerships

Featuring: Real Madrid and Xbox, Sony Pictures and Nickelodeon, NBCUniversal and Crunchyroll, and more…

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