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Character Licensing: Popeye Launches Eye-Poppin’ NFT Collectibles

“I yam what I yam, and what I yam is an NFT!” said comic strip icon Popeye the Sailorman this week. King Features Syndicate announced it is launching a line of unique Popeye NFTs with… . . . read more

Yu-Gi-Oh Creator Kazuki Takahashi Dies in Swimming Accident

Japanese artist Kazuki Takahashi, who spawned a global franchise with the comic Yu-Gi-Oh, has died in what appears to be a swimming accident. Takahashi, whose real first name was Kazuo, was discovered floating in the… . . . read more

Peanuts Appoints Wildbrain For CP Licensing in Asia-Pacific

WildBrain CPLG is celebrating their appointment as the agency for Peanuts Worldwide in Asia, as the brand hits $2.5 billion in CP sales. “As an owner of the brand and the producer of all-new Peanuts… . . . read more

Manga Licensing: Ukonic Secures Deal For Naruto Product Line

The anime and manga publisher VIZ Media has teamed up with Ukonic to bring “Naruto Shippuden” products into the homes of fans. The partnership, which extends through 2025, covers everything to personalize your home or… . . . read more

British Comic Beano Celebrates 85 Years With New Campaign

The world’s longest running weekly comic, Beano, will celebrate its 85th anniversary next year with a national licensing campaign by Rocket. Beano first hit print in 1938, before the Second World War, and became one… . . . read more

Character Licensing: Wildbrain & Peacock Have Big Plans For Caillou

Wildbrain has partnered with NBCUniversal’s streaming platform, Peacock, to produce 52 new episodes of the beloved animated series Caillou. In addition, Peacock will become the home for five previously announced 44-minute Caillou family specials, currently… . . . read more

Wildbrain Unveils Teletubbies Fashion Collection for Pride 2022

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief The surprisingly controversial Teletubbies have just released a new fashion collection for Pride Week 2022 in a collaboration with GoGuy and ellesse. Rights holder Wildbrain says it has… . . . read more

PAW Patrol Creators Releasing New Series Vida the Vet

Toyco turned entertainment studio Spin Master has announced the launch of new animated series Vida the Vet in Canada and the UK. Vida is the 13th series released by Spin Master Entertainment, a division of… . . . read more

Character Licensing: Peppa Pig Making Waves for Environment and Light Fund

Maybe pigs can’t fly, but they can certainly swim! Hasbro’s immensely popular Peppa Pig has been taking to the waves of late, working to help the environment and the Light Fund charity. First off,  Peppa… . . . read more

Forget Ether Coins and NFT: Yu-Gi-Oh Offers Real Coins for Collectors

The venerable Anime series Y-Gi-Oh! has partnered with APMEX on the release of a line of collectible gold and silver coins. Bucking the cryptocurrency and NFT trend, the coins are physical objects that you can… . . . read more