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Who’s News: Wasserman Music Hires On Three New Agents

The Wasserman Music agency has hired on veteran agents Andrea Johnson, Emily Yoon and Erika Noguchi. Wasserman says the three new agents add to the agency’s strength in symphonic performances, legendary artists with massive catalogs of… . . . read more

Celebrity Licensing: Rolling Stones Release Some Rockin’ Watches With Nixon

The Rolling Stones proved Time Is On Their Side   as the classic rock band has launched a line of watches with timepiece creator Nixon.  The Rolling Stones and Nixon are turning up the volume with… . . . read more

Who’s News: Throop To Step Down as CEO of Hasbro’s eOne Division

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief Hasbro has reported another senior management shakeup, saying Darren Throop will step down as president and CEO of its eOne division. Throop is the founder of what was… . . . read more

New Forum Launched for Companies Seeking Digital Entertainment Licenses

The first Entertainment X Tracks Forum will take place in November as a way to help retailers, licensing companies and licensees seeking new digital entertainment properties. The event was developed by Steven Ekstract, the founder… . . . read more

Licensing Law: Gibson Wins Landmark Trademark Ruling For Iconic Guitar Designs

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief Legendary guitar-maker Gibson has won a huge victory in a trademark case, aptly decided by a jury in Nashville, aka Music City. As a result, the court has… . . . read more

World of EPI Gains Master Toy License for LL Cool J’s Rock The Bells

LL Cool J’s hip hop venture Rock The Bells will be rockin’ new merchandise at Walmart, thanks to a licensing deal with World of EPI. Founded in 2018 by LL COOL J, Rock The Bells… . . . read more

Music Licensing: Epic Rights Developing Merch Program For New Kids On The Block

2022 North American MixTape Tour Kicks off in May with Over 50 Shows New Kids On The Block is back on tour, and has tagged Epic Rights to develop a global merchandise program. The licensing… . . . read more

Def Leppard Toasts Anniversary With Licensed Gin Products

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief Rock legends Def Leppard are marking their 45th anniversary by releasing two premium gin products with Brands for Fans. The Rock of Ages hitmakers partnered with its licensing… . . . read more

Commentary: Why You Should Target Games For Your Intellectual Property

Commentary: Why You Should Target Games For Your IP at Licensing Expo 2022 Featured Content From Layer Licensing Licensing Expo is a fantastic event to find new licensing opportunities for your IP. Licensing professionals from… . . . read more


Wedding Woes: Elvis Leaves the Chapel in Licensing Spat

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief Elvis might not be leaving the building, but he is leaving the chapel, leaving Las Vegas’ billion dollar wedding business all shook up. Authentic Brands Group warned Las… . . . read more