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Trends in Sports Licensing: Women, New Models and Hot Markets

While the extent of growth in retail sales over the past two years (5% in 2014, 4.8% in 2015) may be a bit of an anomaly, the outlook of sports licensing is incredibly positive. The growing popularity of…

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4.8% Growth in Retail Sales of Sports-Licensed Goods in 2015: Stellar Years for MLB, NBA, NASCAR and MLS

No Olympics? No problem. Sports licensing still thrived in 2015 at just below $14.8 billion in U.S./Canada sales, according to TLL’s Annual Licensing Business Survey. For the second year in a row…

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NBA Licensing, Like Basketball Itself, Is About Star Power

No league relies more heavily on star power than the NBA. From Bird and Magic to Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and current golden boy and reigning MVP Stephen Curry, charismatic superstars own not just the hardwood but the store shelves…

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5 Reasons MLB Hit a Licensing Grand Slam in 2015

After a lackluster 2014, retail sales of Major League Baseball licensed goods sizzled in 2015…

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Super Bowl Spending to Top $15.5 Billion

This year’s 50th anniversary installment will be the biggest Super Bowl ever, at least from a consumption perspective. Just consider these numbers…

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Big Fashion Licensors Taking Back Control of their Brands

Although licensing is one fashion trend that’s unlikely to ever go out of style, a growing number of fashion licensors are bucking the trend and taking back direct control of their brands…

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NFLPA Teams Up with TinyCo for “Family Guy” Game Promotion

The NFLPA doesn’t just tag along behind the NFL. It seeks out new opportunities for products that allow fans to connect directly to their favorite players, such as…

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NASCAR Looks to Diversify Its Fan Base

Correcting and elaborating on last week’s piece about NASCAR’s efforts to reach out to women and minorities, plus more information about the sport’s league’s demographics…

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MLB Continues to Score with Hot Markets

With a mere six-month, 162-game regular season it is not surprising that Major League Baseball is paying attention to hot market opportunities as a way to enhance revenue. See how they’re doing it with the 2015 Sports Licensing Report

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Top Sports Stars of 2015

This is a golden age for pro sports in North America. You can see it in not only the record TV ratings and attendance figures, but also at the…

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