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Wow! Stuff Named Master Toymaker For Kid Series Odo

The toymaker Wow! Stuff has become the first licensee for the boundary breaking 2.5D animated series, Odo. In a deal brokered by Bulldog Licensing, Wow! Stuff won the bid for the heartwarming show that now… . . . read more

Toy Licensing: Bulldog Launching UK Licensing Program For Magic Mixies

The ‘wow toy of 2021’ from Moose Toys has experienced a phenomenal UK launch The toy phenomenon Magic Mixies is hitting the shores of the United Kingdom, quickly becoming one of the top products on… . . . read more

Bulldog Adds Two New Licensees For Care Bears

Bulldog signs up MoYou and The Hut Group to create a raft of new products based on the heritage brand UK-based Bulldog Licensing says Care Bears is a perfect brand for consumer products licensing, given… . . . read more

Usborne Publishing Snags Deals For ‘That’s Not My’ Book Series

Bulldog Licensing says it has signed deals for new home and gift ranges for the bestselling British children’s book series, That’s Not My. The series is a major pre-school hit, with more than 64 titles… . . . read more

Kindi Kids And DNC Making Meal Times Fun

Bulldog inks a new deal with DNC for homewares based on the preschool sensation As part of its growing consumer products program, Bulldog Licensing has signed DNC as licensing partner for the hit preschool doll… . . . read more

Brand Alliance Joins LIFE Line-Up

Bulldog signs up the leading apparel licensee to create day and nightwear ranges Brand Alliance has signed a deal with Bulldog Licensing, which represents the licensing rights for LIFE throughout Europe, to create a range… . . . read more

Care Bears Show Some Love For Roy Lowe Socks

Bulldog Licensing, the leading European agency which manages the rights for the Care Bears brand in the UK & Eire, has signed a deal with the UK’s experts in licensed socks, Roy Lowe & Sons. … . . . read more

Bulldog Brings on Bioworld for Care Bears Deal

The growing licensing programme for Cloudco Entertainment-owned evergreen brand, Care Bear, has been further boosted with the addition of a partnership with leading global manufacturer of licensed product, Bioworld, which will be creating a range… . . . read more

Bulldog Licensing Announces Two New Deals for Kindi Kids

Bulldog Licensing, a leading European brand agency, has announced two new deals for leading toy company Moose Toys’ preschool doll brand Kindi Kids, as it reached an impressive 82 million views on YouTube. Little Brother… . . . read more


Who’s News—6/19/2018

The latest hires, promotions, and departures.

Featuring: PRH, DC Entertainment, Nickelodeon, Guess, Gaumont, and more…

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