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Beijing Lashes Out at Western Fashion Brands

WAR OF WORDS OVER HUMAN RIGHTS SPILLS OVER INTO LICENSING, AS CHINA HITS BACK AGAINST H&M, ADIDAS, NIKE, AND MORE Stung by accusations of human rights abuses in the Xinjiang region, Beijing is lashing out at Western fashion brands that have criticized the Chinese government. Already, Chinese state TV has called for a boycott of the Swedish retailer H&M, following sanctions by Western governments on Chinese officials accused of taking part in human rights abuses against the Uyghur people of Xinjiang. Some Chinese celebrities, like singer-actors Wang Yibo and Eason Chan (pictured), have begun cutting ties with Western companies. Chan, for example, has faced a backlash from fans in China after stepping down as a celebrity ambassador for Adidas. Wang similarly stepped down as brand ambassador for Nike, saying he… . . . read more

McKinsey Report Studies Changing Face of China’s Retail Market

By Gary Symons, TLL Editor in Chief An in-depth report on how COVID-19 is affecting the world’s second largest economy says companies wanting to sell into that market will face major challenges.  A report by McKinsey & Company entitled Understanding Chinese Consumers: Growth Engine of the World, says COVID-19 is accelerating already existing trends in the marketplace that will have huge impacts in 2021 and future years.  In their full report, McKinsey’s team of analysts identified five key trends that will impact manufacturers, distributors and the licensing industry for years to come. The five trends include:  Digitization of business processes; Declining exposure to the global market; Rising competition within China; Changing consumer patterns domestically; Increased role of the private sector in the economy.  DIGITIZATION McKinsey says COVID-19 has massively accelerated… . . . read more

Guest Op-Ed

Pioneering a Fresh Approach to IP Rights in China

Landmark Western cultural institutions are increasing their presence in the Middle Country. In this Guest OpEd, Alfilo Brands CEO Yizan He discusses the wave of companies pioneering a new approach to IP rights in China…

. . . read more


Mainland China Up 7% to Reach $6.7 in Licensed Sales

Download a quick cheat sheet detailing the numbers behind the world’s most populous country. Mainland China’s Tier 2 cities are expected to be…

. . . read more