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Gigantosaurus Gets Dino-Sized Toy Deal With United Smile

United Smile is launching a line of toys inspired by the hit show Gigantosaurus, from Cyber Group Studios. United Smile is the master toy licensee for Gigantosaurus, and says the new toy line will be… . . . read more

Hit Series Gigantosaurus Appoints Master Toy Maker

By Allison Watkinson TLL Reporter Cyber Group Studios has hired the boutique toy company United Smile as the new worldwide master toy licensee for its CGI-animated series, Gigantosaurus. In its new position, United Smile will… . . . read more

Who’s News: Cyber Group Promotes Raphaelle Mathieu to EVP

Cyber Group Studios has promoted Raphaelle Mathieu from SVP sales to a newly created role as Executive Vice President. Mathieu will now be in charge of all commercial activities worldwide for the French studio. She… . . . read more

Cyber Group Hires Retail Monster to Rep New Animated Series

Award winning Cyber Group Studios has has appointed licensing agency Retail Monster, LLC, to develop strategic licensing programs in the U.S. for two of its new CG animated kids’ adventure series. The deal includes representation… . . . read more