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Netflix Snags Landmark Film Deal With Sony Pictures

Agreement Includes A First-Look At Films Sony Pictures Intends For Direct-To-Streaming Netflix and Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) have announced a multiyear, exclusive first pay window licensing deal in the U.S. for theatrically released SPE feature… . . . read more

MGA Toy Line Gets The Netflix Treatment

MGA Entertainment’s newest line of fashion dolls, Rainbow High, has debuted with its first episode of a new series on Netflix, which aired March 29. The line of dolls had rose quickly in popularity since their… . . . read more

VIZ Media Hires Former Netflix Licensing Chief Laurie Takaragawa

VIZ Media announced it’s made a major addition to its licensing team, hiring Laura Takaragawa, the Head of Consumer Licensing at Netflix, as its new VP of Consumer Products Licensing & Promotions. Viz says the… . . . read more

Penguin Random House Lands Netflix Deal For Redwall

Publishing giant Penguin Random House has inked a potentially lucrative deal with Netflix for the rights to all 23 books in the popular Redwall series, by author Brian Jaques. The world’s dominant streamer is now… . . . read more

Rainbow Named Exclusive Licensor of FATE: The Winx Saga

The Italian content conglomerate Rainbow has been named the exclusive global Consumer Products licensor of FATE: The Winx Saga, the breakout Netflix original live action hit for the YA audience available in 190 countries. FATE:… . . . read more

Netflix Snags Senior Producer From Disney+, While Facing Lawsuit for ‘Poaching’ Employees

Netflix has confirmed the hire of Dan Silver, VP of Non-fiction Originals at Disney+, to become its Director of Documentary Feature Films, reporting to Lisa Nishimura, VP of Independent Film and Documentary Features. The move… . . . read more

NRG Survey Reveals Top 20 Entertainment Franchises

By Gary Symons Editor in Chief, The Licensing Letter If you’re in licensing, your job depends on picking the winning brands and franchises that people will want to see in their toys, clothing and various… . . . read more

Canadian Bill Could Change the Game for Streaming Services

By Gary Symons Nov. 4, 2020 The federal government in Canada has tabled a bill proposing amendments to its Broadcasting Act that will force major changes for streaming services like Netflix, Crave, Disney+, Amazon Prime… . . . read more


Who’s News: July 2020

The latest hires, promotions, and departures.

Featuring: Spin Master, Cloudco Entertainment, Endemol, Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Scholastic Publishing, WWE, and more…

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Who’s News: August 2019

The latest hires, promotions, and departures.

Featuring: Netflix, Nike, PUBG, Warner Bros., CPLG, Disney, Discovery, and more…

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