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Retail Sales, Partnerships & M&A

Although consumer demand remains strong, retailers are preparing for the worst to come with new partnerships, aquisitions, closings, and technological innovations…

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Most Valuable Brands: Celebrity & Sports Top-Earners

On average, a licensed property will generate $7.53 million in retail sales a year within the U.S./Canada—according to data from TLL’s Annual Licensing Business Survey and the Licensing Sourcebook

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46 Properties Make the $100+ Million Ent/Char List in 2016

Forty-six entertainment/character properties make our list of brands that generated over $100 million in retail sales of licensed merchandise in the U.S./Canada—Totalling over $43 billion in sales worldwide…

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TLL Survey

Up 7.6%, Entertainment/Character Leads 2016 Growth

In 2016, entertainment/character was the fastest-growing of all the major property types TLL tracks. Retail sales were up a stunning 7.6% to reach almost…

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Licensed Sales Up 2.7% Worldwide; U.S./Canada Leads in Growth

With over $167.5 billion in licensed retail sales, 2016 was by 2.7% better than 2015 worldwide, according to The Licensing Letter’s Annual Licensing Business Survey. But while most of the world stablized, growth remained uneven and some previously bright economies have lost their luster…

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Retail Sales

44 Entertainment/Character Brands Make the $100 Million List

Forty-four entertainment/character properties make our list of brands that generate over $100 million in retail sales of licensed merchandise in the U.S./Canada—accounting for $41 billion in sales worldwide in 2015…

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Top Retailers Tag Holiday Toy Favorites

UPDATE: Walmart, Toys ‘R’ Us, and three other retailers’ top toy lists reflect the growing strength of licensed brands, which account for nearly half of this season’s top picks…

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Retail Sales of Licensed Wearables Up in Every Territory in 2015

Wearables is a bellwether of the overall licensing business—not just due of its size, but also because it provides an outlet for so many of the industry’s most important property types…

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Music Licensed Goods Down 1.7% as Movie Merch Spread Out on Shelves

U.S. and Canadian sales of licensed goods based on music properties trended down for the second consecutive year in 2015, though not as steeply as in 2014. Music licensed goods represented…

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6 Trends in Global Entertainment/Character Licensing

After years of decline, entertainment/character has grown faster than any property type over the past two years—outdoing 2014’s 4.8% increase with even more impressive growth of 6.3%, according to TLL’s Annual Licensing Business Survey. Here’s a look at some of the notable trends affecting 2015 and beyond…

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