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The Point.1888 Tapped for Licensing of Toad & Friends

By Allison Watkinson TLL Reporter Hoho Entertainment has teamed up with The Point.1888 on a licensing program for the animated series Toad & Friends. The Toad & Friends animated series is based on the classic… . . . read more

British Fashion Doll Sindy Picks The Point.1888 as Licensing Agent

The Point.1888 has been appointed by Pedigree to represent Sindy, a British and fashion icon that is the UK equivalent of Barbie. The agency will represent Sindy’s brand licensing interests in the UK, as they… . . . read more

Who’s News: Bethan Garton Takes Key Role as CCO of The Point.1888

The rapidly growing licensing agency The Point.1888 has appointed Bethan Garton as its new Chief Commercial Officer. CEO Will Stewart says the company has gone through a leadership restructuring following the launch of two sister… . . . read more

Licensing Agencies: The Point.1888 Jumps On Board With New Client Flip Out

Flip Out, the UK’s leading trampoline and adventure park operator, is to embark on its first ever brand licensing program with the help of its new agent The Point.1888. With 27 sites across the UK,… . . . read more

The Point.1888’s Latest Deal Has a Beat, And You Can Dance To It!

THE POINT.1888 AND THE OFFICIAL CHARTS COMPANY STRIKE PARTNERSHIP AHEAD OF 70TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE OFFICIAL SINGLES CHART The Official Charts Company has selected The Point.1888 as its new brand licensing agent, ahead of its… . . . read more

The Point.1888 Launches Marketing Agency

The licensing agency The Point.1888 says it’s working to get better results for its clients by launching its own marketing division, called Story.1888. The Point.1888 prides itself on breaking the mold for licensing companies, and… . . . read more

Who’s News: The Point.1888 Reveals New Marketing Moves

Licensing Agency Caps Year of Growth With New Hires, Promotions The Point.1888 says it has doubled the head count of its crucial marketing division to meet the demands of the agency’s growing client base and… . . . read more

I Scream, You Scream, And Now Dogs Scream For Ice Cream

Dogs have always loved ice cream … but unfortunately, ice cream has not always loved dogs. Thanks to a deal brokered by The Point.1888 between the Battersea animal charity and Britain’s carbon negative ice cream… . . . read more

St. Andrews Links Tees Off With The Point.1888

The world’s most famous golf course, St. Andrews Links, has signed up with The Point.1888 as its brand extension partners. The news comes just weeks after the brand licensing specialist added Williams Racing to its growing… . . . read more

Farshore Acquires Rights For CoComelon Books

The UK-based publisher Farshore has announced a huge win for the company, saying it has secured the publishing rights for books based on the wildly popular CoComelon children’s series by Moonbug. The deal was brokered… . . . read more