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Contracts Steady With 2- and 3-year Terms Dominating

According to TLL’s Annual Licensing Business Survey, contract lengths remain steady with two-year terms the most common (40%), followed by three-year (27%) licensing agreements…

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Top Countries in the $165.7 Billion Market for Licensed Retail Sales Worldwide

2016 was a great year for licensing worldwide, with retail sales topping $165.7 billion, according to TLL’s Annual Licensing Business Survey. That figure represents a jump of…

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Royalty Rates Flat; Average Up to 8.75%

We’re now in the second decade of long-term stability in royalty rates, with the average up 0.2% to reach 8.75% in 2016 for the U.S./Canada. In comparison, the average royalty was…

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Product Categories

Toys, Food & Apparel Lead Growth on Product Side

Retail sales of licensed goods in the U.S. and Canada grew a robust 3.4% in 2015, according to The Licensing Letter’s Annual Licensing Business Survey. The leading drivers on the product category side…

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Property Types

At $106.5 Billion, 2016 the Best Year Yet for Licensed Sales in the U.S./Canada

Retail sales of licensed merchandise reached $106.6 billion in the U.S. and Canada in 2016, growing 3.2% from 2015, according to TLL’s Annual Licensing Business Survey. At last, the industry has surpassed the 2008 pre-recession high…

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Discounters & Ecommerce Grow Licensed Distribution

Ecommerce is on the mind for this year’s batch of respondants to TLL’s Annual Licensing Business Survey. The distribution channel siezed its biggest share of the licensing pie yet, growing to…

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Contract Lengths Steadier Than Ever At 3 Years

Respondants to TLL’s Annual Licensing Business Survey report extreme stability in the length of the average licensing contract. Over 89% of licensing executives…

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What’s a Licensing Exec Worth?

We’ve tried to put a number to the question of what exactly a licensing executive might be worth. Execs based in Asia generate the most sales on a per-capita basis, while fashion licensors manage the biggest share of the worldwide market…

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TLL Survey: Nascent Digital Celebs Sector Rivals Entertainment/Character for Growth

Relative to the rest of licensing, retail sales of goods licensed by digital celebrities grew with the speed of a viral video in 2015, spiking 8% to approach…

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Retail Sales of Licensed Wearables Up in Every Territory in 2015

Wearables is a bellwether of the overall licensing business—not just due of its size, but also because it provides an outlet for so many of the industry’s most important property types…

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