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Who’s News: Kristen Finney to Manage International Content for Disney+

Disney has promoted Kristen Finney as part of a global strategy to improve content creation for Disney+ in international markets. Finney is to take on the newly created role of Executive VP of Content Creation…. . . . read more

Who’s News: Anish Mehta Leaves Cosmos-Maya to Launch New Venture

Anish Mehta, who built Cosmos-Maya into an animation juggernaut, is leaving the company to launch a new business venture. Following a 10-year stint building Cosmos-Maya—India’s most successful animation studio—from a 30-member team to a 1200+… . . . read more

Who’s News: Rubies Appoints New Commercial Director for UK, Central & Northern Europe

Rubies, the world’s largest costume company, has appointed Graham Gardiner as its new commercial director. Gardiner, who has worked with Rubies since 2006, has been appointed commercial director for the UK, Central and Northern Europe…. . . . read more

Who’s News: Licensing Veteran Elisa Gangl Joins Brand Liaison

The Brand Liaison says veteran executive Elisa Gangl is joining the team, just in time for Licensing Expo. The company says Gangl will be assigned to handle manufacturer representation and special projects for Brand Liaison clients,… . . . read more

Crayola Draws New Org Chart For Future Growth

The creativity company Crayola is restructuring to support its focus on children’s entertainment content and location-based experiences. These areas are seen as key growth vectors for Crayola, a company founded in 1903, but with its… . . . read more

Who’s News: Cyber Group Promotes Raphaelle Mathieu to EVP

Cyber Group Studios has promoted Raphaelle Mathieu from SVP sales to a newly created role as Executive Vice President. Mathieu will now be in charge of all commercial activities worldwide for the French studio. She… . . . read more

ARTiSTORY Grows UK Licensing Team

The art and culture licensing firm ARTiSTORY has appointed museum licensing expert Liz Bowers as the Head of Business Development in the UK. Co-founder and licensing director Natasha Dyson says Bowers brings a wealth of experience… . . . read more

Who’s News: New VP Comms At Jazwares

The global toy and licensing company Jazwares has this week named Sara Rosales, an accomplished communications executive, as Senior Vice President of Communications. In her new role, Rosales’ greater focus will be on corporate communications, brand… . . . read more