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The Retail Force Awakens: How Much Money Will Star Wars Make?

With The Force Awakens opening next month, Star Wars seems a sure bet to go all the way to the top of TLL’s $100 Million Properties list. But amongst brewing signs of trouble, can the property force its way into success without collatoral damage?…

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Entertainment, Sports Licensed Goods Lead Black Friday Deals

Hot holiday properties Frozen and Star Wars, and collegiate and NFL licensed merchandise, will be decking the halls of many retailers on one of the biggest shopping days…

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Mattel, Hasbro see Q3 Retail Sales Split Along Gender Lines

Reported third quarter (3Q) sales from toy giants Hasbro and Mattel exhibited an interesting break along gender lines, with boys’ toys outperforming girls’, amidst depressed…

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The Colorforms Revival: A Convergence of the Business & Social Trends Driving Licensing

Colorforms is the perfect paradox. In an era of computer gaming and digital toys, the new Colorforms that hit the shelves of Toys ‘R Us this week is unapologetically low-tech and faithful to its…

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Little Figures Headed to the Big Screen

Germany’s venerable Playmobil toy brand is headed to the movies. Leading European production company ON Entertainment, with partners Wild Bunch and Pathe, has started production on…

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Licensing By The Numbers

Follow the numbers driving the industry.

Featuring: VW scandal, University of Texas, Peppa Pig, Halloween retail, U.K. toy sales, and more…

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Are Licensed Toys in Fast-Foods Kids’ Meals an Endangered Species?

This week, Wendy’s announced that it will no longer offer licensed toys as part of its kids’ meals. In so doing, Wendy’s became the third fast-food chain since 2011 to discard the proven business model of using licensed toys in kids’ meals to…

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Toys and Games

Hulk Car Races Across Retailers’ Holiday Toy Lists

On the evening of Labor Day, 105 days before Christmas, Toys ‘R’ Us unveiled its Holiday Hot Toy List for 2015, and was quickly followed by Target and Kmart. It wasn’t, however, the earliest “hot holiday toys” proclamation. That distinction went to…

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Licensed Products Figure Prominently in Season’s First ‘Hot Toys’ List

Star Wars and Disney dominate but Nick, LEGO and others make the cut…

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New Licensing Model

Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ Merchandising Campaign: Bigger & Earlier than Anything Before

The timing between movie release and merchandising is a perennial challenge in movie licensing. Historically, merchandise associated with an anticipated blockbuster appears on store shelves around six weeks before release. But several of the entertainment executives we interviewed last spring for The Licensing Letter’s 2014 Annual Licensing Business Survey predicted…

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