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As Generations Shift, Preschool Market Follows

On tracking the macro and micro shifts within the global market for licensed preschool properties—China is poised to…

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Streaming & Experiential Power Up

Amazon and Netflix expand their content reach; plus, new experiential/travel initiaitives from Japan, the U.K., and the U.S.…

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Toys & Games

Company Spotlight: On Scaling Niche to Mass

As Funko begins releasing its financials, we get a closer look at this collectibles licensee estimated to generate over $800 million in licensed retail sales…

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Franchises Drive Comics Sales in 2017

The top comic book, graphic novel, and manga properties of 2017 with potential for licensing—plus, Valiant and Nelvana get superpowered as they continue to expand into content production…

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Sports: A Closer Look

The impact of major sporting events—the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics—on sports-based licensing is expected to be minimal in comparision with previous years…

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Entertaining Deals & Experiences

The latest in partnerships and buyouts between entertainment media companies resulting in new creative content and experiential initiaives…

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Retail Sales

It’s Getting Crowded: A Census of Licensors

Over 2,500 companies own and license out intellectual property for branded consumer goods in the U.S./Canada—TLL breaks down their number, sales, and scale by property type…

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Most Valuable Brands: Celebrity & Sports Top-Earners

On average, a licensed property will generate $7.53 million in retail sales a year within the U.S./Canada—according to data from TLL’s Annual Licensing Business Survey and the Licensing Sourcebook

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Health & Beauty

HBA Gets Fashionable

The latest in fashion brands and their health & beauty extensions—a $2.55 billion business—including new brands and cannabis extensions…

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M&A & Legal

The top business moves and lawsuits this week.

Featuring: Penske Media x Rolling Stone, Home Depot x Hanover Direct, Elie Tahari x Bluestar Alliance, and more…

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