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Dim Mak Teams Up On Anime Fashion Line Based on Bleach

Steve Aoki’s fashion and record label Dim Mak has teamed up with VIZ Media to release the official DIM MAK x BLEACH collaboration, a limited edition line-up of anime inspired tees and hoodies featuring original art from the iconic series Bleach.

Tite Kubo’s long-running fantasy-adventure Bleach is one of the world’s most popular and influential anime series, and is known as one of the Big Three in the anime universe. Bleach officially marks 20 years this year since its first appearance in Shonen Jump. With 120 million+ copies of the manga sold globally, Bleach is one of the most famous and best-selling shonen series of all time.

The Dim Mak collection was released Sept. 10, and Aoki says the tale of empathy, integrity, and pushing oneself to greatness is a perfect anecdote for Dim Mak’s mantra: Do it yourself, by any means necessary.”

Lifelong fans of manga and anime, Aoki and his team say they were captivated by the power struggle between the Soul Reapers—who defend the coexistence of humanity, spirits, and the departed—against the sinister Hollows and Arrancars who attempt to consume human souls for selfish gain.

This Dim Mak x Bleach collaboration is Aoki’s first drop showcasing the incredible transformation of hot-headed teenager Ichigo Kurosaki into a Soul Reaper, and his encounters with the powerful Captains of the 13 Court Squads who protect the Soul Society.

“Although the plot of Bleach follows the path of Ichigo Kurosaki, my favorite parts are when we dive into the backstories of the Captains and the Arrancars,” says Aoki. “I love learning about the underlying core belief systems and reasons for why individuals act the way that they do. By the end of each arc, regardless of being good or evil, we feel compassion and empathy for all the characters.”

The first Dim Mak x Bleach drop introduces some fan favorite characters showing-off their powerful “bankai” abilities: Renji Arabai, Byakuya Kuchiki, and Toshiro Hitsugaya make appearances alongside Ichigo Kurosaki in both his Hollowfication and Vasto Lorde form. Fun, moody kintsugi inspired tie dyes and colorways bring life to the tees ($38-45) and hoodies ($75-85).

The Dim Mak x Bleach drop will be available on and on the NTWRK App starting today, Friday, Sept. 10, 2021 in limited quantities.

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