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Food/Beverage in Strong Demand Amongst Corporate Brands

For the sixth straight year in a row, food/beverage outperformed all other corporate trademark and brand segments with 4.5% growth in 2015. Overall…

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National Grocery Brands Rebound

Post-recession consumers are beginning to see store brands as less desirable, signaling a renewed opportunity for national brands, Deloitte says…

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Licensing Trends: What’s Feeding the Food Binge?

The eating and drinking-related segments continue to represent the growth area in corporate licensing. Respondents to The Licensing Letter’s Annual Licensing Business Survey cite the following factors as driving the steady growth of food, drink and restaurant licensing. On the demand side: Changes in eating habits, like “grazing,” or consuming 5 to 6 light meals per day—“more meal occasions increase the opportunity for licensed sales,” notes one licensor; Less in-home stove use and the growing preference to “assemble” rather than cook meals; Popularity of “good for you” and organic brands; Taste for exotic flavors and spices, especially among millennials. Factors on the supply side include more retail space for grocery thanks to warehouse stores like Costco and the expansion of giant retailers like Walmart into grocery. “Nowadays, you can find… . . . read more

Food & Beverages

Small Bites

News tidbits in the food and beverage sector: Eggland’s Best, Sony Pictures TV, Huy Fong Foods, and Perfetti Van Melle…

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Single-Serving Products Make Coffee Rich Ground for Licensing

Two decades ago, Keurig Green Mountain introduced the world to its patented K-cup single brewing system. Coffee consumption would never be the same. Soon “K-cup” had become a generic term, and the communal pot of coffee for office or home consumption became an endangered species—at least in wealthy parts of the world like North America and Europe where consumers could afford and didn’t mind spending extra for the convenience of single-cup consumption. According to reports, in 2014, Americans spent $2.83 billion on single-serving coffee. That’s an increase of 280% since 2011, and sales are expected to exceed $5 billion by 2016. K-cup devices have become an everyday kitchen appliance with more than 1 in 5 American homes containing single-serving coffee systems. And single-cup coffee consumption in Europe is more than… . . . read more

Food & Beverages

QSRs Embrace Licensing

“There was a time when chains feared that offering their food in supermarkets would keep consumers away from the restaurants,” notes QSR Magazine. “But that archaic notion has gone by the wayside as quick-service brands are increasingly finding a great deal of success offering some of their products at retail”…

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