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Coming Video Games More Original; Sequels & New IP Ripe for Licensing

The video game industry, like the movie business, relies heavily on sequels and established franchises to fill its coffers. It takes only a glance at the roster of top-selling titles to tell why: In games, like movies, sequels sell. Vintage Games & Their Progeny Dominate 2014 The NPD Group’s ranking of Top 10 video game titles for 2014 contains two Call of Duty titles (Activision), sports titles in the perennial Madden NFL (Electronic Arts), NBA 2K (Take-Two Interactive) and FIFA franchises (EA), Grand Theft Auto V (Take-Two) and Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. With the exception of Call of Duty, these properties were first introduced numerous console generations ago, back in the 20th century. As for the remainder of the list, Minecraft (Microsoft) is several years old. There were just two… . . . read more

Video Games

Sega Expands Sonic Boom

Sega of America unveiled a host of new licensing and promotional deals involving its Sonic Boom game property, including…

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Mobile Apps

Bad Year for Angry Birds

Rovio Entertainment, creator of Angry Birds, saw its consumer product licensing revenues fall from €71.3 million in 2013 to €41.4 million in 2014, according to company financial reports. Disappointing Angry Birds’ licensed goods sales took down not only Rovio but the entire video games/interactive/online property type category, which fell 4% in U.S. and Canada, according to TLL’s Annual Business Licensing Survey

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Mobile Apps

Staying One Tech Ahead

Outfit7 is licensing its app, Talking Tom & Friends, to Toyze
to enable users to customize 3-D-printable game characters. Users—there are 230 million of them monthly, according to the company—can use a free app to personalize Talking Tom…

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