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Cuphead on a Roll With New Show, Agents, and Merch Deals

The gaming franchise Cuphead is having a breakout year in the licensing space, and has now announced new deals in its rapidly expanding portfolio.

The game has already inspired the hit series The Cuphead Show, which will be dropping new episodes in August. Now, the game from Studio MDHR is working with its licensing and entertainment partner King Features on a wide range of new projects.

Studio MDHR is a Canadian independent video game company founded by brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer. Working remotely with a team across North America, Studio MDHR launched Cuphead on Xbox One and PC to commercial and critical acclaim. Cuphead centers around plucky brothers Cuphead and Mugman in their quest to pay back their debt to the Devil.

On June 30 the game will be getting a new expansion pack called Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course — which has already reached at platinum status.

Cuphead brings the heat in a licensing program for hot sauce with Jade City Foods.

Simultaneously, the brand is building upon its successful, multi-territory presence with new licensing agents — DOCE in Chile and J&M Brands in Benelux — who will work alongside King Features to bring unique Cuphead offerings to more fans across the globe.

New merchandise inspired by the impulsive, yet loveable Cuphead, his easily swayed brother Mugman, their friends and foes, is also in development.

“The past year has been monumental for the Cuphead brand, with the debut of The Cuphead Show! on Netflix, the Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course game expansion, and many new exciting partnerships capturing the attention of people around the world,” said Carla Silva, VP/GM, global head of licensing, King Features. “It’s exciting to see the brand’s continuous growth with the help of our partners who create engaging and thrilling product experiences for fans that share the adventurous spirit of the Cuphead characters. We are looking forward to the second drop of episodes and hope fans tune in to social for tonight’s special event.”

Launches for The Cuphead Show! include a second curated collection of pins and tees from iam8bit, more Jade City Foods hot sauce flavors, and new apparel, home goods, and giftware from Forbidden Planet in UK/Eire. Additionally, there will be two new book titles from Random House Children’s Books based on The Cuphead Show! episodes, Sweet Temptation (Little Golden Book) and The Piano Lesson (8×8) and a special apparel collection available via Amazon.

More Cuphead game-inspired merchandise is on the way as well, including a global children’s apparel program from Lefties, Grupo Erik’s collection of Cuphead accessories including calendars, planners, folders, tote bags in Spain/Portugal and Cuphead plush figures from Tomy, available worldwide.  Domestically, fans will find Cuphead-inspired apparel from Philcos, Nendoroid collectible figures from Good Smile Company, costumes from, Funko’s Delicious Last Course POP!, a new line of toys and collectibles from Toynk and the latest Youtooz collectible, “The Devil’s Pawn” limited-edition print, which drops on August 20.

Earlier this year, the Cuphead characters stepped out of Inkwell Isle and into homes with recently launched partnerships, including a ZARA apparel collection for both kids and adults. Available now at stores worldwide, the ZARA x The Cuphead Show! collection features t-shirts, sweatshirts and shorts with designs celebrating the game’s classic animation style. The Cuphead Show! also brought the heat with the launch of the Inkwell Isles store offering six hot sauces and four coffee roasts from Jade City Foods with unique flavors inspired by each character.

In anticipation of the next drop of episodes, the @cupheadshow social accounts have been buzzing all week building up to a multi-platform, livestream event this evening.

Fans can tune in tonight at 5pm ET / 2pm PT for a special, interactive, social gaming experience, executed by the creative agency GLOW, where viewers around the world will have their Cuphead knowledge tested and be given exclusive access to never before seen content from drop 2 of The Cuphead Show!.

The engaging and interactive livestream, called “The Cuphead Show! presents: Roll The Dice,” was made available to fans through a ‘flock to unlock’ call to action on the show’s social channels, where the character, Stickler, implored fans to help him restore The Devil’s records in order to return the “Roll the Dice” game show to the air.

During this evening’s livestream, fans can crowd source answers in their respective chats to drive outcomes in the game through challenges like ‘Name That Tune’, rounds of Trivia, and ‘Roll the Dice.’ Players will then be sent to a mystery prize room where exclusive prizes await!

Also in the digital space, fans will soon be able to share The Cuphead Show! themed Instagram stickers and GIFs in their feeds by visiting the show’s official Giphy channel.

King Features Launches Cuphead Licensing Blitz