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Target Stocks Kinky Toys

Mainstream retailers including Target and Amazon got in the mood for the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie’s Valentine’s weekend opening by stocking an unconventional variety of officially licensed merchandise tied to the sexually charged property. More power to them. If Americans buy lingerie at Costco, why not sex toys at Target? But…

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OnLIne reTAIL TrenDs

Shopping By Phone: Men Do It More

Men (56%) are more likely than women (45%) to make the leap from browsing and researching purchases via smartphone to actually buying from the device, reports the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). The difference is even greater among…

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Bundled Merch

Bundling Goods with Music

Garth Brooks’s GhostTunes music downloading service rolled out last month in tandem with release of Brooks’ “Man Against the Machine” album, his first in 13 years. The new service allows artists to bundle licensed merchandise, tickets, and the music itself, to order…

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Looking Back

2014 Optimism Revisited: Licensing’ Opportunities Rooted In Speed-to-Market, New Distribution, Globalization

Fall is the season when licensing executives tout their optimism about next year. That’s because most have abandoned their optimism for this year. It’s akin to the old adage about the Army—the best base is the one you were at last or the one you’re going to, never the one you’re at.…

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Retail Trends

Online Shopping

Almost one third of online shoppers shop on a mobile device at least as much as they do on a computer, according to Contact Solutions. Additionally, 10% of shoppers prefer mobile apps to other means of access for online shopping. That said…

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Experiential Licensing

Variations on a Retail Theme

Five years ago, Toys ‘R’ Us opened 350 holiday express pop-up stores during the fourth quarter. The program was vastly scaled back the following year and has pretty much disappeared. And while TRU wasn’t the first to implement a pop-up concept, its efforts in 2009 gave rise to a wide array of much smaller—often single-unit pop-ups—that have been as much about promotion as sales…

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