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Licensing Management: Nissan Announces Global Partnership With Brainbase

By Allison Watkinson TLL Reporter The Nissan Motor Corporation has announced a global partnership with licensing software company, Brainbase. Brainbase is a venture-backed company that uses software to assist licensing teams in optimizing their partnerships…. . . . read more

Crayola Adopts Brainbase For Global Licensing Efforts

Crayola, one of the world’s most colorful companies, says it has adopted the licensing software system Brainbase Assist to help unify its myriad global licensing operations. The Crayola Licensing team will use Brainbase Assist to… . . . read more

Brainbase Launches New IP Solution

Forget NFTs; when you’re trying to protect your IP, you need serious software designed for the job. Brainbase says that’s exactly what it has launched this week, announcing the release of two new products that… . . . read more

Who’s News: New Faces and Places at Disney, Wildbrain, Brainbase

Leading our Who’s News section, Disney has promoted Jane Gould to EVP of content research, insights and scheduling at Disney General Entertainment (DGE) Content. Gould’s position is now expanding at the House of Mouse to provide consumer… . . . read more

BBC Adopts Brainbase Licensing Tech for Bluey Franchise

BBC Studios has announced a partnership with Brainbase to use that company’s software for end-to-end IP management, and will initially use the technology for its breakout hit Bluey. The BBC says Brainbase Assist will be… . . . read more