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Gucci and Crunchyroll Collaborate on Bananya Collection

In collaboration with Crunchyroll, the global anime streaming brand, Gucci is launching a selection of special items featuring characters from Bananya, an original Japanese anime series about the lives of tiny playful cats who live… . . . read more

Crunchyroll Going Strong With Anime Licensing

The specialty anime streaming service Crunchyroll is on a licensing tear this year, as its subscriber base has continued to surge and a key acquisition deal in the works. “Crunchyroll is wrapping the first quarter… . . . read more

Licensing Monster “Mobile Suit Gundam” Airing on Crunchyroll

The anime network Crunchyroll began airing “Mobile Suit Gundam,” the original series within the iconic Gundam franchise, as one of its library of more than 1,000 Gundam titles, opening up more opportunities for licensees. The Crunchyroll… . . . read more

Four Crunchyroll Anime Series That Are ‘Purrfect’ for Licensing

The specialist Anime streamer Crunchyroll is offering up four almost unbearably cute series for licensing opportunities outside of Asia, most of them involving cats and kittens with a decidedly Hello Kitty vibe. TAMA of the… . . . read more


M&A & Partnerships

This week in mergers, aquisitions, and partnerships:

Crunchyroll is now the majority investor in VIZ Media Europe Group, consolidating its hold over the European anime market, and Dr. Seuss Enterprises launches a new 5-year touring show with Kilburn…

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Who’s News—February 2019

The latest hires, promotions, and departures.

Featuring: Activision Blizzard, Cloudco, Macy’s, NFLPA, MGAE, Iconix, TSBA Group, and more…

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Digital Content

Content Kings: Cloudco, Streaming & Services

American Greetings rebrands, Disney releases new details about its upcoming streaming service, WarnerMedia gets two new streamers, and NBCUniversal might be getting in the game…

. . . read more


Roundup: Promotional Partnerships

See the latest in promotional partnerships

Featuring: Real Madrid and Xbox, Sony Pictures and Nickelodeon, NBCUniversal and Crunchyroll, and more…

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Business Shorts

M&A & Marketing

Keep track of the latest business deals and marketing programs to impact the licensing industry.

Featuring: Universal, Iconix, Disney, Crunchyroll, and more…

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