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Video Games

Sega Expands Sonic Boom

Sega of America unveiled a host of new licensing and promotional deals involving its Sonic Boom game property, including…

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Mobile Apps

Bad Year for Angry Birds

Rovio Entertainment, creator of Angry Birds, saw its consumer product licensing revenues fall from €71.3 million in 2013 to €41.4 million in 2014, according to company financial reports. Disappointing Angry Birds’ licensed goods sales took down not only Rovio but the entire video games/interactive/online property type category, which fell 4% in U.S. and Canada, according to TLL’s Annual Business Licensing Survey

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Average Royalty Rates in U.S. & Canada Steady for Decade; Entertainment Fees Climb, Guarantees & Advances Flat

March 16, 2015

Who’s News

Follow the latest hires, promotions, and departures.

Featuring: Brand Central, Discovery, IMG, Percy3DMedia, Precious Moments, WWE, and more…

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Single-Serving Products Make Coffee Rich Ground for Licensing

Two decades ago, Keurig Green Mountain introduced the world to its patented K-cup single brewing system. Coffee consumption would never be the same. Soon “K-cup” had become a generic term, and the communal pot of… . . . read more


Licensing Silver Lining for DreamWorks

Consumer products licensing was the bright spot in a challenging 2014 for DreamWorks Animation, which saw its films Penguins of Madagascar and Mr. Peabody and Sherman under-perform in theaters. Consumer product revenue rose 77.5% to $22.1 million in the fourth quarter, while segment gross profit rose to $6.1 million due to higher sales of the studio’s merchandise, location-based entertainment and retail development businesses…

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Retail Sales

Adidas Sells More, Makes Less

The good news for Adidas is that sales of brand products in the fourth quarter increased 11% thanks to double-digit sales growth in the sport performance training and running categories. Adidas Originals and Adidas NEO product sales also jumped more than 10% during the quarter. Reebok sales grew by a more modest 1%. Overall…

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Left Shark Hits Shelves

Less than a month after her attorneys put Shapeways’s unlicensed Left Shark figurines out of business, Katy Perry (Bravado Intl. Group Merchandising Services) has launched her own, official products featuring the choreographically clutzy fish that became an instant Internet sensation during the Super Bowl halftime show. There are two official Left Shark offerings…

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Retail Sales of Licensed Goods in U.S./Canada Grow 2.5% in 2014: Entertainment, Sports, Food Make Biggest Gains

Retail sales of licensed goods in the U.S. and Canada reached $99.9 billion in 2014, according to The Licensing Letter’s Annual Licensing Business Survey. That’s a 2.5% increase over the $97.5 billion in retail licensed… . . . read more

Digital Publishing

Disney Goes 4D

Disney and children’s publisher Bendon have teamed up to bring coloring books to life via new 4D technology. The Disney Color and Play app allows Disney characters to jump off the pages of the Bendon coloring books and into the kid’s iPad. Kids can also use the app to turn their own drawings into jigsaw puzzles…

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