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Store Check: Target at Culver City, CA

A week before Disney’s Zootopia scampered into theaters accompanied by predictions of a $67 million opening weekend, limited merchandise was on the shelf at Target stores. See how other brands fared…

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Nintendo NY Re-opens With New Merch, Games

The newly branded Nintendo New York store, previously Nintendo World, re-opened Feb. 19th with a new 15-foot gaming screen, exclusive merchandise and guest appearances. See how the company is repositioning its focus on licensed goods and welcomes esports…

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The Retail Force Awakens: How Much Money Will Star Wars Make?

With The Force Awakens opening next month, Star Wars seems a sure bet to go all the way to the top of TLL’s $100 Million Properties list. But amongst brewing signs of trouble, can the property force its way into success without collatoral damage?…

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Rihanna Teams for Temporary Tattoos

Pop star Rihanna is teaming with jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche on a collection of jewelry-inspired black and gold temporary tats. The collection…

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New Jersey Highways Become a Brand

They may lack the romance of old Route 66, but the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway are traveled by more than 600 million vehicles and one billion people each year—enough to inspire a licensing program…

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From Brand to Art Work

Playboy’s teaming with Blitzway for a limited edition collection of art figurines designed by global artists featuring iconic Playboy images like the “Bunny” is the latest example of corporate brands being licensed to artists for art work. At $160 a pop, the Playboy deal is more about marketing than profit…

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Digital Celebs

Grumpy Cat Grows Her Brand

Digital celebrity Grumpy Cat continues to ride the cyber wave by making new license agreements with Dynamite Comics, Playrific, and Bay Northwest…

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Video Games

Sega Expands Sonic Boom

Sega of America unveiled a host of new licensing and promotional deals involving its Sonic Boom game property, including…

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