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Off-price Leads the Value Segment

The share of sales lost by department stores was picked up by the lowest-priced retail tier, consisting of dollar/value/off-price stores, which saw its share of market grow…

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Ecommerce/Online Taking Retail by Storm

The growth of the ecommerce/online channel was the No. 1 retail issue reported by survey respondents, with more than 20% of those responding…

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Store Check: Target at Culver City, CA

A week before Disney’s Zootopia scampered into theaters accompanied by predictions of a $67 million opening weekend, limited merchandise was on the shelf at Target stores. See how other brands fared…

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Nintendo NY Re-opens With New Merch, Games

The newly branded Nintendo New York store, previously Nintendo World, re-opened Feb. 19th with a new 15-foot gaming screen, exclusive merchandise and guest appearances. See how the company is repositioning its focus on licensed goods and welcomes esports…

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Store Check: Macy’s Herald Square

Following snowdrifts and slush, shoppers returned to stores—and the licensed goods within. Macy’s flagship 34th Street location featured some select brands in full force…

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Growing Ecommerce Sales Make This an Average Black Friday

Retail sales for Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day saw a channel shift expected to stay strong throughout the holiday season. Ecommerce sales were up, accounting for roughly a quarter of sales over the two-day period. And needless to say…

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Entertainment, Sports Licensed Goods Lead Black Friday Deals

Hot holiday properties Frozen and Star Wars, and collegiate and NFL licensed merchandise, will be decking the halls of many retailers on one of the biggest shopping days…

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Licensee Accusation: Asics Deliberately Tried to Drive Us Out of Business

The 20-year retail Asics/Windsor Financial retail licensing agreement that looked so promising just a few years ago has all gone terribly wrong. See what you can do to avoid falling into the same trap…

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Mattel, Hasbro see Q3 Retail Sales Split Along Gender Lines

Reported third quarter (3Q) sales from toy giants Hasbro and Mattel exhibited an interesting break along gender lines, with boys’ toys outperforming girls’, amidst depressed…

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California Surfing Brand Quiksilver Files Chapter 11

California surfing and skateboard clothing chain Quiksilver Inc. became the latest retailer to file for…

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