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Cyber Group Hires Retail Monster to Rep New Animated Series

Award winning Cyber Group Studios has has appointed licensing agency Retail Monster, LLC, to develop strategic licensing programs in the U.S. for two of its new CG animated kids’ adventure series. The deal includes representation… . . . read more

Toy Licensing: Bulldog Launching UK Licensing Program For Magic Mixies

The ‘wow toy of 2021’ from Moose Toys has experienced a phenomenal UK launch The toy phenomenon Magic Mixies is hitting the shores of the United Kingdom, quickly becoming one of the top products on… . . . read more

Surge Brands Sign First Licensing Deals For ‘Toxic Waste’

Surge Brands has signed an impressive roster of licensees for its client Candy Dynamics … especially considering those deals are for a candy called Toxic Waste! But Surge Brands also says they are responding to… . . . read more

Women’s Giftware Brand Lolita Signs With Jewel

 The popular giftware brand Lolita has signed up for licensing representation with Jewel Branding and Licensing. CEO and founder Lolita Healy (pictured above) says she signed up with Jewel because she believes the licensing firm… . . . read more

Lotus Races Into New Licensing Deal With Global Trademark

Leading full-service brand and licensing agency Global Trademark Licensing (GTL) has secured an expanded representation deal for Lotus Cars, with the automotive company’s recently unveiled mid-engined premium sports car model, the Emira, now added to… . . . read more

The Point.1888 Signs 66 New Licensees For CoComelon

The popular children’s show CoComelon continues to soar in popularity, as licensing agent The Point.1888 announced it has secured an additional 66 licensees across EMEA for the brand. CoComelon was developed by Moonbug Entertainment Ltd.  and… . . . read more

Little Prince Licensing Deals Abound For 75th Anniversary

By Gary Symons TLL Editor in Chief It’s been 75 years since Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote the classic novella The Little Prince in 1943, during the darkest days of World War II. Now, thanks to a… . . . read more

Brand Central Announces E-Commerce Division

The global licensing consultancy Brand Central announced this week the launch of its new e-commerce division through a partnership with LA-based e-commerce platform provider, The Missing Piece. The move comes as brands and retailers have shifted… . . . read more

Wildbrain Signs Deals For Big Brains at Yale and Harvard

WildBrain CPLG has signed a virtual tsunami of licensing deals globally for Yale and Harvard universities. For Yale University, which WildBrain CPLG represents in EMEA, Russia, Australia and North America, a deal has been signed… . . . read more