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Surge Brands Sign First Licensing Deals For ‘Toxic Waste’

Surge Brands has signed an impressive roster of licensees for its client Candy Dynamics … especially considering those deals are for a candy called Toxic Waste!

But Surge Brands also says they are responding to demand from retailers for licensed consumer products, as the Toxic Waste line has become one of the hottest selling new candies in the market. As a result, the agency has signed on a roster of new, leading licensees for branded products based on Toxic Waste Slime Licker and Toxic Waste Hazardously Sour Candy.

Following the massive success of Candy Dynamics’ first product launch, Toxic Waste Hazardously Sour Candy—a popular, one-of-a-kind, double-action sour treat packaged in a yellow industrial drum—multiple product lines have hit retail shelves. These include Toxic Waste Slime Licker, which recently sparked a viral internet craze, and has become the top-trending candy on TikTok. Retail sales for both brands have been growing at exponential rates and retailers, such as Walmart and Five Below, cannot stock shelves fast enough, the company says.

“Candy Dynamics’ edgy approach appeals to kids in non-traditional ways and has created a massive demand for Toxic Waste®, sparking a fervor in the marketplace. The response we have received from licensees has been nothing short of phenomenal,” said Mark Freedman, President of Surge Brands. “We look forward to working with our first U.S. partners to create a line of unforgettable products that embody the fun of the brands and to develop a robust consumer products program at retail. We plan to announce additional licensees in the U.S. and overseas in the coming weeks.”

Riding on the momentum, Surge Brands has signed the first best-in-class partners to create branded products for the retail market utilizing Candy Dynamics’ zany characters, (including Mr. Toxie Head), and logos. The new licensees include H3 Sportgear (master apparel and accessories), License 2 Play: (Plush Figures, Plush Pillows, Fidget Toys); Centric Beauty/TASTE Beauty (Lip Balms); Super Impulse (Mini Collectible Blind Box and Blind Bag Toys); Inkology (School Supplies, Stickers, Stampers and Chalk), and Rasta Imposta (Halloween Costumes and Masks).

Candy Dynamics says the company is thrilled with the result of the Surge Brands licensing campaign.

“Licensing is an important branding initiative for Candy Dynamics, allowing us to leverage our expansive and growing family of candy brands,” said Laura King, President, Candy Dynamics. “The retail marketplace both in the U.S. and abroad is clamoring for Toxic Waste-branded products. We are thrilled to collaborate with our new strategic global licensing agency, Surge Brands, to develop a range of licensed products that will further engage our fans across the globe.”

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