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Character Licensing: Wildbrain & Peacock Have Big Plans For Caillou

Wildbrain has partnered with NBCUniversal’s streaming platform, Peacock, to produce 52 new episodes of the beloved animated series Caillou. In addition, Peacock will become the home for five previously announced 44-minute Caillou family specials, currently… . . . read more

PAW Patrol Creators Releasing New Series Vida the Vet

Toyco turned entertainment studio Spin Master has announced the launch of new animated series Vida the Vet in Canada and the UK. Vida is the 13th series released by Spin Master Entertainment, a division of… . . . read more

YouTube Hit Booba Tags IMG For Licensing Program

UK Animation studio 3D Sparrow Group has appointed IMG to extend Booba through product and brand licensing partnerships. Booba is a new, non-dialogue pre-school family show following the adventures of a joyful, funny and curious… . . . read more

Dino Ranch Lassos Licensing Deal With Toy Maker Simba Dickie

By Allison Watkinson TLL Reporter The Simba Dickie Group has signed a licensed consumer products deal with Boat Rocker Studios for the popular kid’s series Dino Ranch The upcoming product range will feature the Big… . . . read more

BBC Signs Tycoon As Licensing Agent For Hit Show Bluey

By Allison Watkinson TLL Reporter BBC Studios has hired Tycoon to expand licensing for the hit children’s show Bluey into South and Central America. Bluey, an Australian production about a Blue Heeler puppy and his… . . . read more

ZAG’s Miraculous Snags 30 Licensees & Retailers in Mexico

Animation studio ZAG says it has closed with 30 licensees for Miraculous since opening its first Latin American office in Mexico City six months ago. Miraculous – Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir was ZAG’s first… . . . read more

Preschool Licensing: Wildbrain Appoints Jakks Master Toy Partner for Chip & Potato

Extensive toy range based on global hit animated property will launch in Fall 2022, under partnership brokered by WildBrain CPLG The Netflix hit Chip & Potato is getting both a third season and a new… . . . read more

Children’s TV Licensing: Epic Story Media Signs Key Programming And Licensing Deals

Canadian content, distribution and licensing company Epic Story Media (ESM) has signed deals for both broadcast and licensing partners on a number of key titles across its slate of children’s programming, as well as debuting new… . . . read more

McFarlane Releases Toys Based on Nickelodeon’s Avatar Series

McFarlane Toys has released the first line of a brand new collection of Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender action figures, launching exclusively at Walmart. “Avatar: The Last Airbender animation brings a visual depth of expression… . . . read more