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PAW Patrol Creators Releasing New Series Vida the Vet

Toyco turned entertainment studio Spin Master has announced the launch of new animated series Vida the Vet in Canada and the UK.

Vida is the 13th series released by Spin Master Entertainment, a division of the Canadian toy company that spawned Paw Patrol as one of the world’s most successful TV series and licensing properties. In fact, PAW Patrol was just ranked fifth for film-based licensing sales by The NPD Group, after Star Wars, the Marvel Universe, Barbie, and Pokemon.

Season one of the new series will debut on premiere children’s broadcasters, BBC’s CBeebies and streaming platform BBC iPlayer in the UK and Corus Entertainment’s Treehouse and streaming platform STACKTV in Canada, during the Fall of 2023. The series is also slated to launch on a raft of international broadcasting partners to be announced at a later date.

Vida the Vet follows 10-year-old Vida, an animal doctor who nurtures the charming and silly woodland creatures who live outside her home. Whether it’s a a fox with a sprained paw, a turtle with an itchy toe, or a tiger with an aching tooth, young Vida is always up for the job.

“Spin Master Entertainment has deep experience creating award-winning content and engaging stories for preschoolers that are infused with a sense of play,” said Jennifer Dodge, Spin Master’s President of Entertainment. “Featuring a gorgeous, colorful world with a distinct look and feel, Vida the Vet will enchant preschoolers and their families with curious, courageous and caring stories about a little girl and her animal neighbors who show us how to take care of ourselves and others.”

Executive produced by Spin Master Entertainment’s President, Jennifer Dodge, along with Spin Master’s Co-Founder, Ronnen Harary, Laura Clunie, Toni Stevens and the Emmy Award winning Jennifer Oxley (“Peg + Cat”, “Wonder Pets”) who also acts as showrunner; the series is created by Emmy Award Winner Dustin Ferrer (“Esme & Roy”, “Peg+Cat”) and will be animated by Toronto-based Jam Filled Entertainment.

More importantly for licensees, Spin Master Entertainment is orchestrating a strategic global franchise roll-out and will lead consumer products cross-category licensing worldwide, starting with toys in 2024.

Corus Entertainment’s Nelvana has already been secured as the exclusive licensing and merchandising representative for the brand in Canada and France.

“The classic and familiar world of Vida the Vet, with its beautiful 2D artwork and core theme of nurturing love for all animals, is the perfect property to extend across all facets of children’s lives,” said André Lake Mayer, Spin Master’s SVP, Global Strategic Partnerships & Consumer Products.  “We are excited to activate our growing consumer products enterprise with a fresh new property that will resonate within all key categories and regions and through strategic partnerships and promotions worldwide.”

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