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Licensing Deals Abound As Godzilla vs. Kong Smashes Box Office

The theatrical release Godzilla vs. Kong has noisily stomped past $390 million in revenue at the global box office on its way to becoming the top grossing Hollywood movie of the pandemic, and not surprisingly, licensing… . . . read more

Channel Your Inner Monster, With Godzilla Mobile Game

The cinematic monster Godzilla has been on quite a tear this year, starring in the most successful box office movie during the pandemic, boasting an exploding licensing channel, and now releasing an exciting new mobile… . . . read more

Super 7 Teams With Toho For Godzilla Figures

In time for the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong film this year, San Francisco-based Super 7 is teaming up with the Toho Company to introduce Godzilla to its world of ReAction figures and other products. Founded… . . . read more

Godzilla Lines Up Some Monster Deals

You just can’t keep a good monster down. The scaly, city-stomping colossus is back in action with Japanese studio Toho International with a slew of licensing deals, pegged around the company’s newly series of Godzilla… . . . read more